What’s The Difference Between Worshiping An Idol Made Out of Wood and Stone Versus One that Exists in the Mind? Forgiveness!

You damn right! I pray for my enemies because 85% of them were old friends to begin with! Why does everyone have to act like a black magician with a Jehovah’s Witness chip on their shoulders when the conversation shifts to forgiveness? “This is the truth!” Really and eye for an eye? If that’s the case, then I’m sure you believe that molestation is the result of this for of contagiousness. You haven’t put that infantile emotion at the foot of the bed in order to have intercourse with life?  Grow up! I wish I could talk to people about how the planets movements through the constellations causes changes in the weather. Instead of talking about what’s going on, these people remain stuck on what happened and this is where idolatry begins. I ain’t f*#king with you! How could you say that you love yourself and then turn around and act like you have never been in love?

“The Power of Forgiveness is stronger than many things that are called divine, even gods and goddesses. Forgiveness means that one is free from restraint, free from compulsion, or the mechanical reactions of resentful enslavement. ” – The Sacred text of Ghost Dragon Kotodama.

Truth orbits through time in order to purify itself. Our kisses of idolatry begin as mental stone worshipers, holding on to an event, a segment in history, instead of understanding change, the only constant. Some will even use the constant of change, under the cloak of an illusion, to say we can’t be together anymore, as they are enslaved by a centuries-old colonialist named chance.  These are the worshipers of idols made out of would and stone. The masses escape from the freedom of working on themselves by quoting what “God” said thousands of years ago. Isn’t perfection the mistakes that babies make before they learn how to walk and talk? A “creator” would make the vagina drip grool only to turn their back in disgust and walk out the room. Therefore, the lie is forgiveness as a payment of debt. The truth is forgiveness without obligation.

It is in this science that we find Din.Gir Enki, and his Shinto equivalent, Susanoo-no-Mikoto, are often cited as trickster gods. However, in view of our discussion, we can see that they are not so much trickster deities, as they are said to dispel ignorance so that one can gain an understanding of the natural process of how the consciousness of life vibrates.

Both, Din.Gir Enki and Susanoo-no-Mikoto, served as provokers in the initiations of Amatarasu Ohkami and Din.Gir Ishtar. Amaterasu Ohkami would have never ran into the rock-cave, or see herself for who she truly was, if it weren’t for the “chaos” created by her brother. A trickster deity’s function is to teach a person how their own behavior may be preventing them from achieving the very same things that they are praying for behind closed doors.

A god of stone is only a symbol of thoughts and emotions that we worship as spirit. Eventually, these fragments of our very own imagination pose as a form of salvation. And like a dog turning on its master, it will use the emotions of its host to absorb the energies of its host. This emotional turmoil is like a pendulum swinging from one side to the next. Everyone wants to do a ritual before turning their life into one. Everyone wants to be like the Christ and die from genocide by being a part of it – and the cycle continues. But alas, our process of enlightenment is never separate from taking the vows of marriage to life. it is by means of this sacred marriage rite that our heavenly bride is manifest in all that we see ad we to our part of that process for we are one with life. So too, when a families are threaten a violent process sometimes serves as the only act of forgiveness that life has to offer.


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