The Enheduanna Online Library: Hundreds of Free Books Are Available To Readers in Digital Format

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Today, I am blessed to announce the opening of the Enheduanna Library, an online resource covering every subject that a student of life might encounter, anywhere from business to shamanism. The library contains hundreds of free books in PDF format, which are available to the public at no cost.

While the Enheduanna Library honors all cultural and spiritual traditions, an abundance of information on methods personal development can be found in the library. Access to the library is available to all and will appear in the menu section of this site. Readers can use the library by clicking on the appropriate link on our header menu, or on the icon below. Thanks for all your support!

The Enheduanna Library

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  1. Congratulations on opening this library! This is very nice for people who don’t have so much money for a paperback copy and search for a certain title. Thank you very much !


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