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Warlock Asylum’s New Album – iWealth eSoul – Heralded As “The Sgt. Pepper of the New Era”

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Heralded by music critics as the “Sgt. Pepper of the New Era,” I am excited and happy to announce the release of the iWealth eSoul album by Warlock Asylum.

Now available on iTunes at the following link:

 CDs will be available soon on Amazon, but can be obtained now on Kunaki:
This classic work comes with eight solid tracks composed, produced and recorded by Messiah’el Bey under the Warlock Asylum banner.

1. Biker Skin
2. Back Home
3. Trotman House
4. My Son Rudo
5. Wifey From Japan
6. Ape Hangers
7. Anneliese’s School
8. Crows Call the Machines Immigrants

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  1. Just in the past year or so, beginning to delve into your works. Your scholastics and lenses on the occult have helped bridge divides the size of oceans. Connect the Hindu Bindu. And the Big Game Points.

    I am no longer hesitant to fully Delve into the Depths of the Kitab al-Azif nor discouraged by the Crux of blurry borders betwixt cultures and Gods Named with twisted tongues.

    I have you to thank. And Empress Amaterasu for lighting the ways, once more.

    I can’t wait to vibe with this new piece- and figure out wtf is really going on in the cartoon series lol

    Force, Be With You, Bruva.

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