The Key to Immortality

Today we will be conducting an interesting investigation, which will perhaps reveal to us some astounding knowledge regarding the deeper meaning of the arcane lore which occupied our predecessors, and which still occupies our minds to this very day. Before we will continue our investigation the reader should first take a look at this excellent article by Warlock asylum:

We will conduct another investigation and we will take a different approach to this subject to look at it from another perspective.

This will become clear when we apply simple gematria to the term “ISHNIGARRAB”.


I(9) + S(19) + H(8) + N(40) + I(9) + G(7) + A(1) + R(18) + R(18) + A(1) + B(2) = 106

This equals the same gematric value as the term “KUTULU”.


K(11) + U(21) + T(20) + U(21) + L(12) + U(21) = 106

Simon informs us on TIAMAT and tells us:

“It is this TIAMAT or Leviathan that is identified closely with KUTULU or Cthulhu within the pages of the NECRONOMICON, although both names are mentioned independently of each other, indicating that somehow KUTULU is the male counterpart of TIAMAT, similar to ABSU.”

Now TIAMAT of course represent the Serpent Power, or Kundalini. This power is the same serpent as the Spiral of the Code of Life, which can be recreated through sexual acts which conjure up this very power, the force of TIAMAT, or KUTULU, which indicates that by raising up the ‘Serpent’ one is able to achieve immortality. 😉

We will continue our investigation with the emphasis on the term “immortality”, taking into account all that is said on this subject in Simon’s “The Gates of the Necronomicon”.

In the Necronomicon the name “ISHNIGARRAB” is mentioned very few times, though Simon specifically mentions the term very shortly, saying:

“It is, however, as yet unclear as to what the combination SHUB ISHNIGARRAB might actually mean”.


S(19) + H(8) + U(21) + B(2) = 50

The number fifty is sacred to ENLIL, who plays a vital role in the Sumerian creation myth, as he separates AN from KI, making the world habitable for human beings.


SHUB(50) + ISHNIGARRAB(106) = 156 (1 + 5 + 6 = 12)

The number twelve is sacred to NEBO, a deity of literacy, scribes, and wisdom. Thus once again we are confronted by the concept of creation in correlation to the subject of our investigation. Are we therefore presented with a blueprint of the Key to Immortality?

Creation is the Key!

Dumu Abzu-a






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