Terminological Analysis of the Simon Necronomicon Part Six – Simon

The Necronomicon is full of blinds and traps for the unwary, according to Simon. To disregard such warnings is just plain foolishness and the sign of a mind asleep. Therefore we will examine and expose some of the blinds and textual oddities found throughout Simon’s tome. And we will start by examining Simon’s name through the use of the system of simple gematria.

SIMON: S(19) + I(9) + M(13) + O(15) + N(14) = 70

When we cross-reference this numerical value with a wide variety of other keywords found throughout Simon’s texts we will find that it matches thrice with words representing an important concept and overall subject of the rites and practices within the tome, that being ‘The Underworld‘.

EGURRA: E(5) + G(7) + U(21) + R(18) + R(18) + A(1) = 70

HUBUR: H(8) + U(21) + B(2) + U(21) + R(18) = 70

URILIA: U(21) + R(18) + I(9) + L(12) + I(9) + A(1) = 70

The threefold presence of the numerical values representing the Underworld in conjunction with the name ‘Simon‘ is too rare an opportunity to dismiss right out of hand.

The term ‘EGURA‘ is mentioned in the Book of Calling as being,”the Dark Waters of ABSU, Realm of ERESHKIGAL, Queen of Death“.

HUBUR was suggested to be between the twin peaks of Mount Mashu to the east in front of the gates of the netherworld. Mention is made of it in the Sumerian myth of Enlil and Ninlil, together with it’s ferryman called SI.LU.IGI, which seems to be an earlier form of Charon, the ferryman of the river Styx in Greek mythology. The souls of the dead had to cross the river Hubur in order to reach the Netherworld.

URILIA is the name of the infamous text in Simon’s tome, and deals with a variety of ‘Underworld’ energies, “the Book of the Worm“.

Now it is not uncommon for creators of magical works and occult systems to set up their systems in such manner that they will reap some rewards of it, especially so when an author feels the need to add blinds and traps to his texts. A clean system has no need for such things, as its creator has only the best of intentions for its practitioners and the world in general.

“Know, fourthly, that it is become the obligation of the Priests of the Flame and the Sword, and of all Magick, to bring their Power to the Underworld and keep it chained thereby, for the Underworld is surely the Gate Forgotten, by which the Ancient Ones ever seek Entrance to the Land of the Living, …”

Does this instruction, given by the Mad Arab (or Simon perhaps?), contain a double meaning? By indulging in these rites, having become a “Priest of the Flame and the Sword“, has one become obligated to bring their power to ‘Simon‘, or the current they created?

Dumu Abzu-a



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  1. Thank you Brother Frogs. Although I think you give me too much credit in terms of being a genius. I more feel like an infant who is just taking his first steps… 😉 The more we seem to discover, the more questions are raised, and the more complex the issues seem to become. Your words are much appreciated though, and I sincerely hope that my research proves useful to others.


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