Art of Ninzuwu

The Art of Ninzuwu – The Rediscovery of the Ancestral Gnosis

In the days of old the ancestors mingled with the members of humanity, the Fire tempering the Clay, sharing the Brilliance of Wisdom with the freshly emergent expression of the very Consciousness of Life. It was an aeon of Perfect Song, the two peoples Voices rising in tune, one singing High the other humming Low, giving life to a magnificent symphony of creative harmony. The days were good and the “Garden of Eden” prospered, the New Creation rising to ever greater heights of development, fanning the Flame of the ancestors, their incandescence illuminating the Spaces Between, revealing the ancient gnosis to the Embers created by the Mingling of the Breaths. This is the Art of Ninzuwu, the Ancestral Gnosis of divine metaphysics.

“The Ivory Tablets of the Crow” by Ninzuwu Priest “Warlock Asylum”  provides the Glowing Ember with the fuel it needs to grow into a roaring Flame. The template found within this sacred text will teach the supplicant how to apply the ancient gnosis of Those Who Dwellt Before Time, echoing the symphony of old through the Seven Planes of Being, bringing Creation and Prosperity to the multitudes of the peoples.

The Work is one of Commitment and Passion, of Love and Honor. It is a Work of Transcendence of Purity, in which the Practitioner interprets and extrapolates the images and sounds as set down by the Ancestors, alloying various vibrations of being through the appliance of divine metaphysics, in order to create a higher level of existence for the World and its Peoples.

The Flame steeled by Water is a Soul most noble.

This is the Art of Ninzuwu.

Dumu Abzu-a


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