Art of Ninzuwu

Practicing the Art of Ninzuwu – Part One – The Soul of Fire

Wafubeh to all!

This particular series of articles will be an account of my personal experiences which came forth out of performing the practices featured in “The Ivory Tablets of the Crow”, as set down by Warlock Asylum. Perhaps these musings will be of welcome help to the sincere soul who has set out its journey by venturing unto this Path of divine transformation. It is a journey for the few, and not the many. For lo, and behold, that the many are often ignorant, and asleep, and are unfit for such a life-changing endeavour. Instead it takes someone with the courage, the determination, and the utter devotion to become one’s own god, one’s own deity. This is achieved not by a quick road to borrowed power, but by a slow and steady climb upon the sacred mountain of devotion. In this, “The Ivory Tablets of the Crow”, provides us with an extraordinary template to achieve our goals.

The journey starts by learning, and performing, “the Soul of Fire prayer”. When the conscious decision has been made to venture forth on the Path of the Ninzuwu, it will be this particular practice that will affect the first changes within the mental constitution of the practitioner. In a manner similar to negative energies increasing a person’s worst traits, vices, and behaviors, I have found this sacred prayer to enhance a person’s virtues and morals in a most benevolent manner. Vibrating the sacred sounds which govern the chakra points will raise one’s awareness, and will put on the Throne that which is divine, and good beyond doubt.

It is transcendence of purity, in a most refined form.

Dumu Abzu-a


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