March 14th 2018 Begins The Ninzuwu New Year of 18,006 – What Will The Time of Toyotama-Hime-no-Mikoto Mean?

Today is the Ninzuwu New Year celebration called Zuho. Entering the Sign of Amaterasu Ohkami marks the year 18,006 in the Nyarzirian calendar. It is proclaimed as the year of Toyotama-Hime-no-Mikoto. In 18,006 Toyotama-Hime-no-Mikoto’s symbolism is relative to the Ayaqox and the Vasuh letter of Hmu. All of these aspects represent a lifting of the veil.

18,006: The Year of Toyotama-Hime-no-Mikoto

In Shinto lore, Toyotama-Hime-no-Mikoto is the great initiator. As the daughter of Owatasumi-no-Mikoto, sea-king of the Dragon Palace, also known as the dragon-king Ryujin, Toyotama-Hime-no-Mikoto served as a guide for prince Hoori, teaching him the ways of the world that exists beneath the seas. In the Art of Ninzuwu, Toyotama-Hime-no-Mikoto is also known as the Ayaqox. She is the power that bestows the Stone Bowl of Eternity upon initiates. The Ayaqox is a watcher and a revealer of the mysteries pertaining to sexual alchemy. In old mystery schools, sexual alchemy is likened to sciences that exist beneath the ocean, similar to the mythological aspects associated with Owatasumi’s Dragon Palace. Practitioners of Ninzuwu can expect further revelations and a reorganizing of our sacred word in order to meet our earthly and spiritual aims. Let us therefore remain diligent in our work. Forever forward!

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