Heavy Metal

Stagger The Devil by Song of Love – The Return of Inspirational Heavy Metal

The Paris based heavy metal band Song of Love comes with a hard rock sound and a message of inspiration for devotees of the genre who are tired of mundane themes of human degradation and materialism. Song of Love’s inventiveness versus the world of commercial gimmicks has created quite a refreshing atmosphere for those seeking an authentic sound. Their new song titled Stagger the Devil reveals the band’s brilliant chemistry.

Stagger the Devil is an impressive testimony of Song of Love’s vendetta to revive heavy metal’s heart and soul. Stagger the Devil is filled with so much creativity that the track borders the sound of the 60’s garage psychedelic movement when musicians freely expressed themselves. Song of Love’s raw, but rock purist approach to music makes Stagger the Devil a palatable tune for metal and non-metalheads alike. Stagger the Devil’s song structure is a blend of metal, old school, and progressive hard rock music styles. The track gets into a free-spirited blues influenced break that really puts the icing on the cake in regards to how beautiful heavy metal can be. Stagger the Devil by Song of Love sounds so good that it becomes something we should celebrate.

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