The Picture Above Comes From The Great Plague of London 1665 written by Daniel Defoe

Plagues went on in Europe for a Consistent 400 years straight. These Plagues had a wide range of causes everything from Witches, Jews, and Highwaymen who got ingredients from the Devil himself in order to Plague whole towns to rob. The Jews and The Christians Poisoned each other for centuries as well. The Weather was also a cause. The Plague birthed The Caricature ae know of as Death today. During those times he didn’t wear the Monks cloak. He paraded in Carcass form showing his disembowelment as he collected souls on his journey. The Black Death occurred in 1347 the closing of the Plague Mania ended with The Great Plague of London in 1667. There were minor plagues after 1667. The Last Major Plague for our modern world occurred in the early 1900s and killed over 25 million people worldwide. In today’s world, the panic of a plague would kill more people than the actual plague. People are too uneducated and do not have enough respect or common courtesy to survive this type of scenario. The conditions to create a plague on the bacteria level is definitely apart of our society. The high amount of pet harboring and the numerous hoarding households are definitely hosts and/or breeding pools for the Plague. This Truth is based on the data collected from prior Plagues which claimed that Fleas, Rats, and Ticks were the catalysts of the Plague. The Standard Lack of Intellect and Desire of being Famous and Entertained in America Will Ultimately be its Uprooting whether that be Orchestrated by Government or the Revengeful Natural Environment.

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