It seems as if ever since I released Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. II the media and government have been using the term Witch Hunt. I’d like to state that this type of language has never been used in such a direct publicized form. Today’s American populace knows nothing about the details of Witchery. The population of many places in Africa and India still have strong belief in Witches. The tribal men of New Guinea are still burning Witches at the stake in 2018. Witch Hunting in Old Europe had many different styles. There was the infamous Matthew Hopkins who represents all of the municipal witch hunters of Old Europe. Mr. Hopkins would travel from city to city asking the local government if they had any witches or if they would like for him to hunt for some. The majority of the time they would say, yes. Unfortunately, anywhere from 50 – 250 women might get sent to the stake and burned that day. All Witches were forced to implicate others as being their accomplice in the Dark Arts. A woman could be considered a witch for a long list of reasons. Anything from having a pet animal (a familiar) to having crops that grew faster than others, even walking around mumbling or giving a compliment was consider a witches cantation or spell casting. Basically, any misfortune one had could be blamed on any woman and she would be sent to the stake for it. Witches are created from rape, this is the initial anger that allows them to attack and hate men for the rest of their lives. Now the next group of witch hunters are a little different. The Ecclesiastical Witch Hunters were The Inquisitors who are represented today underneath the historical event of The Spanish Inquisition. The Inquisition and Witch Hunting was not the same thing. The Inquisition from our point of view historically provided a cloak towards the element of “women being burned”. Inquisitors would go town to town and were also called to town if there was an uproar. If an Inquisitor got hold of a witch he would put her through the Question. The Question was torture being practiced while being interrogated about Witch activity with The Devil, which included sex, the sabbat and denouncing of God. The interrogation was done in a style where the witches were being basically forced to repeat what the Inquisitors said. This scenario designed the fierce spirituality that one feels when being interrogated by the modern day executioner (any badge wearing official). Nonetheless, it is well documented that at an auto de fe which means an act of faith, held by Inquisitors, could gather an audience of over 10,000 people and throughout the day burn over 600 heretics at the stake. When an Inquisitor sent a Witch to the stake he would tell her he was going to “relax” her. The word “relax” today is used in a context to passify. The power of that passification comes from the Thousands of souls that are embodied in the energy usage of the word which stems from the 1400’s Inquisition. To find out more about Witches, Witch Hunts, Witch Hunters, Familiars, The Sabbat and much more Buy Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. II , its 666 pages and 197 pictures.

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