Ah, Yes, Yes, Yes, Children The Olden Times were very real. There were many ways to keep a witch in her well-earned place back in the day. The witches that were known to rise from the dead were the Necromancers, who were usually male. Please note that during the Medieval times the term “witch” had no male/female classification as it does today. Even though, there were far more female witches burned at the stake than male. Many tactics were taken into practice to ensure the dead was dead. A Witches burning or decapitation was done as a favor, to guarantee that she would not reemerge as the undead. Putting a brick in a carcasses mouth or breaking its legs bones, regularly occurred to those thought to be witches. This happened to hundreds of thousands of women over the span of 350-500 years.

There are many cases where small children were forced to watch their mother burn at stake. Upset husbands would use this excuse as a scapegoat to evade the court procedure of divorce and end his marriage with her at the stake. The church and the city government laughed as they collected the riches of many wealthy women and families. The picture above is from a Scotland Kirkyard graveyard. Those are real caskets designed as cages to keep the undead, dead.

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