The first picture of the news article at the link below is used in Kicked Out of Heaven The Untold History of The White Races Vol. I. It was used to provide a visual representing the multitude of famines that occured during the Medieval Times. This specific famine occurred in Russia in 1921. Parents killed children for food and children killed parents for food. This tragedy went on for some time. Just recently in 2016 North Korea went thru a similar event.

The first chapter of Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I. is a compilation of several extreme weather events that will shock you. Like the Russian famine, severe weather problems enforced volatile living conditions that turned people against each other. This is one of the many reasons the book is called Kicked Out of Heaven. The people of the times did not understand why the weather was so drastic. Nor could they figure out if it was God or the Devil dealing out consequence for the many vices they enjoyed daily.

The weather caused plagues and also made the populace attack the Jews. These outrageous storms made the people accept and advance the elements of cannibalism, incest, high level illusion and hallucination. The people had to lie to themselves to survive. Today, these events are psychologically embedded into the collective European thought process. It can be seen in Walt Disney cartoons and other movies .

Some of these odd weather conditions include 100 pound hailstones that measured 15 inchs wide. Sandstorms that made whole towns disappear. At one point, the Sun didn’t appear for 3 years, which caused consistent raining, not to forget flash floods that occurred at 2am. These and many more event can be found in my book Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I.


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