Michael Jackson ‘Chemically Castrated’ By Father, Says Conrad Murray

Now, This my friend. My God, the shit doesn’t stop, does it? Excuse me, I must put my brain back together, I’ve lost my mind. Lol. I referred to Michael Jackson as being a Castrati when I wrote Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. III. The Castrati were a specific tenor in the choir of the Catholic church during The Medieval Times. They were called the Castrati, obviously because they were castrated as little boys. A lot of the boys didn’t survive the slaughter. This practice birthed the admiration of male singers. The testicles regulate the testosterone which regulates puberty and maturity development, that also results in how tall one will grow. Basically, a male without his testicles he will continuously grow in height. These Castrati men of Old Europe grew to Giant heights which only added more celebrity to them from already being a Castrati. Before you knew it Kings & Queens endorsed them and they were revered as members of the Court & Church. You can read about it more in Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. III.


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