album reviews

Truth by JCraig

Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, JCraig is a natural talent of musical exquisiteness as an accomplished artist, singer, and songwriter. JCraig’s relationship with music began early in life. He started singing at six years of age and writing guitar riffs at ten. Since the days of his early childhood, JCraig has had a wealth of life experience and wisdom earned that he is able to infuse into a harmonic landscape called Truth.

Truth by JCraig is an impassioned album composed of ten tracks. JCraig has successfully created a cinematic masterpiece that is both compelling and practical. Truth is a perfected recipe, which draws its sound from electronica, pop, and R&B music genres. The album opens with a groovy pop/r&b track Risk It All, a catchy tune that is inviting and creates anticipation for what is to follow. JCraig not only captures our attention but is able to provide us with an album that has something for everyone. Tracks like Can’t Play Your Game and For Eternity reveal Truth’s versatile manner of production and continuity. Truth by JCraig is the final witness that good music still exists.


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