Da Spirtual Warfare- album 3 copy

Based out of Georgia, the recording artist Da takes us on an eclectic journey with his new album Spiritual Warfare. Da is able to gather elements of alternative, folk, hip-hop, and world music genres and fuse them together for a most compelling presentation. His recent single off the Spiritual Warfare album titled All I Want To Do comes with an irresistible groove and message that is both captivating and refreshing.

All I Want To Do is built upon a hip-hop musical landscape, but also contains elements of experimental and R&B music. The track begins with a chunky beat and deep bassline that listeners can really sink into. With a rap-sung chorus blazing in the background, Da opens up lyrically in a smooth flow about dropping his worries on heaven’s lap. Da is a conscious artist that is not preachy but is able to encode messages in sonic content simply by sharing his experiences. All I Want To Do is perfect anthem for letting useless worries go and moving on to the new. I pray that the world will hear more from Da.

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  1. This shit is actually hella dope

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