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Interview With The Sensational Photgrapher Chase Rubin

Today, I had the pleasure of conversing with Chase Rubin. He is truly a Renaissance man of our modern era that speaks to society through his camera. Rubin is able to find his place in the universe as one of the premier photographers of our day and time. Certainly, a man who looks at life from behind the lend of a camera has a perspective and wisdom that we can all find beneficial.

Warlock Asylum: How did you get involved in photography?

Chase Rubin: I had a huge imagination as a child and loved the outdoors. It was during my youth that I received my first camera and I’ve been in love with photography since. However, my first instructions would come from my sixth-grade teacher. She was a photographer and gave me knowledge of some basic techniques that greatly improved my skill with the camera. After winning a contest in eighth grade, all I wanted to do with my life had everything to do with photography. It became my passion.

Warlock Asylum: Were there any obstacles in your pursuit of a career as a photographer?

Chase Rubin: It took a bit of work on my part to turn this dream into a career. I guess it is the same for any other career a person desires to enter. I wanted to travel and photograph people and places around the world. In the beginning, I had to work odd jobs and save money for travel. My first trip was to the rainforest. A few magazines bought my photos, but it wasn’t enough money to make a career out of it just yet.

Warlock Asylum: When did your big break into photography come?

Chase Rubin: Ironically, I kept working a few side jobs and saved enough money to go to Australia. When I returned home, I received a call about an art gallery that was in town and interested in my work. Once they saw my photos, they offered to do a showing of my images. Well, it turned out that by the end of the event every single piece was sold. I was in awe!

Warlock Asylum: I could only imagine the feelings of excitement, happiness, and joy that the event brought into your experience. How has your work as a photographer evolved since this time?

Chase Rubin: Now I travel often and my work is in galleries around the country. Collectors and admirers of photography often purchase my images.

Warlock Asylum: What factors are responsible for your success as a photographer?

Chase Rubin: Photography is my passion, and so my interest in the art excels. People can see this ambition in the photos I take. My work with the camera comes to me naturally. A photographer can show people things that they cannot see, even if they are looking at the same landscape. My aim is to reveal what the average viewer cannot see. My imagination is the key to my success.

Warlock Asylum: Where are some of the places you have traveled to recently?

Chase Rubin: I visited Africa and was able to take some amazing photos of the wildlife there. Every country and continent presents a challenge for a photographer due to the differences in terrain and etc. It’s almost as if the more places you visit, the more refined you become as a photographer.

Warlock Asylum: Did all your expertise as a photographer develop from practical experience?

Chase Rubin: No, I studied photography in college and that’s where I learned a lot about its artistic side and the industry.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of your future career goals?

Chase Rubin: I still have a lot of traveling to do and pictures to take. I want to share the joy that I gain from my work with others.

On behalf of Warlock Asylum International News, I would like to wish Chase Rubin all the best in his earthly and spiritual endeavors. More info about Chase Rubin and his work can be found at: .


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