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Kristen Karma’s New Single “Try” Is A Kiss Of Elegance

Electrifying Canadian singer and songwriter Kristen Karma is keeping the melodic torch shining bright with her new song Try. The pop music diva has a rapidly evolving career that has produced numerous accolades, awards, and the opportunity to share the stage with many legendary musical acts, including the likes of Akon and Lady Gaga. Kristen’s recent single titled Party Heroes, which was released in April of 2019, reached the iTunes Canada Pop chart Top 20, peaking at #17.

After moving on her own pace on the path of becoming a household name, Kristen Karma returns with Try. This insatiable tune has a charming melody and an equally intense vibe. Musically, Try is an instant favorite that straddles an exceptional electro-pop groove that is layered with stunning synth riffs and strong drums. Kristen’s vocal performance gives Try a cinematic edge as every harmony shapes the tune’s theme with lyrical content that describes a warning and admonition given to a lover about showing how much they value a relationship by knowing that it’s something you’ll fight to maintain. Try is certainly a way of making love anew and for that Kristen Karma gets all the applause.





Twitter: @Kristen_Karma


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