Based out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, singer, and songwriter Todd Patnaude has released an awesome debut album titled Lifesongs. The project has proven to be a treasure chest of traditional rock music sound, draped in melodies that are reminiscent of groups from the classic rock era like The Eagles. While Patnaude’s latest bag of sonic goodies conjures up memories of rock music’s most integral period, we do find a refreshing tapestry on innovation and inventiveness in his musical presentation. Patnaude’s latest single One and Only is certainly a testimony of his starch symphonic intellect.

One and Only is a winner straight out of the gate. Patnaude is able to enchant his audience with a crisp and organic sound that relies strictly upon great musicianship and musical theory. The track opens with a great acoustic guitar strum that seems to expand itself into a rocketship of harmonies and folk-rock rhythms that appear to break the barriers of time in order to uphold rock music’s timeless values. Todd Patnaude has wona place in the hearts of us all with One and Only.



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