Mayor Eric “Stymie” Adams is the embodiment of New York’s new pro-crime trinity, which includes Governor Kathleen Hochul as “The Father,” Manhattan DA Alvine Bragg as the “Holy Ghost” and Adams himself as “The Son”. Mayor “Stymie” Adams recently suggested that the city should put illegal immigrants in the homes of its residents. This proposal has generated a lot of debate and controversy, as it raises questions about the rights of both the immigrants and the residents.

The proposal is seen as a way to help those who are in need, while also providing an opportunity for New York City residents to contribute to their community. However, there are concerns that this could lead to exploitation or abuse of these immigrants by their hosts. It also raises questions about how this would be regulated and monitored by the government.

Mayor Eric Adams’ suggestion has sparked a conversation about illegal immigration in New York City and how it can be addressed most effectively. It is clear that more discussion needs to take place before any decision is made on this issue.

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