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Ninurta and the Southern Gate

Discovering the identities of the Deities that guard the Four Gates from the World between the Spheres is a pretty important task as this serves the Magician in establishing a better bond with these Spirits that serve as his or her protection during the Gate-Walking Ceremonies.

We must never forget that these Four great Spirits play a vital role in the Gate-Walking Ceremonies. Next to the Watcher they are the main line of defense against the forces of the Outside and they protect the Magician as he performs the Ritual inside the Sacred Space.

Discovering the identities of these Four Watchtowers proves to be pretty hard because the Invocations of the Four Gates that are found in the Simon Necronomicon don’t give us much information to work with.

However, the way the Invocations are written as well as the Titles given in these invocations should help us identify the Watchtowers.

In my previous article, The Servant of Inanna:Ninshubur, we established that the Deity of the Eastern Watchtower is Ninshubur. This was fairly easy as the name Ninshubur translates as, “Queen of the East”.

These Titles are important because they belong to specific Deities and are a means of identifying these Deities.
The Titles given in the three other Watchtower Invocations are much more vague, which makes our work harder.

This means that we have to look at the way these Invocations are written.

When we do so, we can see that the Four Watchtowers can be divided into two groups. Each group performs a specific role.
The North and the South are portrayed as warriors or attackers, while the East and the West perform the role of protectors or defenders.
This, again, helps us in our search for the correct Deity.

It should also be noted that the Deities of the Four Gates are no ordinary Spirits but awesome powers in their own right.
Proof of this can be found when we examine an other set of Watchtowers that can be found in the book, Summoning Spirits, written by Konstantinos.
These Watchtowers are called Elemental Tablets and are constructed by using the Enochian Alphabet.
They are activated by summoning the Four Archangels, each Archangel a ruler of one of the Four Elemental Powers. Archangels are definitly a force to be reckoned with, so our Watchtowers should be equally powerful.

After taking all these things in consideration I examined the Invocation of the Southern Gate given here:

“Thee I invoke, Angel, Guardian against the URULU
Dread City of Death, Gate of No Return!
Do Thou stand at my side!
In the Names of the most Mighty Hosts of MARDUK and ENKI, Lords of the Elder Race,
the ARRA, do Thou stand firm behind me!
Against PAZUZU and HUMWAWA, Fiends of the Southwest Winds, do Thou stand firm!
Against the Lords of the Abominations, do Thou stand firm!
Be Thou the Eyes behind me,
The Sword behind me,
The Spear behind me,
The Armour behind me.
Be watchful, Spirit of the Southern Ways, and Remember!
Spirit of the South, Remember!

I started a search for the Deity that would best fit the description given above and came up with an interesting name. The name of that Deity is NINURTA.

NINURTA is, amongst other Titles, known as the God of the Southwind.
This is the first thing that ties Him to the Invocation of the Southern Gate.
Who better to guard against the Fiends of the Southwest Winds, than the God who rules these Spaces?

The second thing is the fact that NINURTA is a Warrior Deity.
The Sword, the Spear and the Armour may be a reference to his warrior status.
The fact that NINURTA was an incredible warrior can be read in the Legend of the ANZU Bird, also known as IMDUGUD. In this Legend, NINURTA is the chosen champion of the Gods and sets out on a quest to slay IMDUGUD and retrieve the Tablets of Destiny.
The interesting thing about NINURTA’s battle with IMDUGUD is the fact that PAZUZU is associated with the ANZU Bird. So, the line that says: “Against PAZUZU and HUMWAWA, Fiends of the Southwest Winds, do Thou stand firm!”, may refer to the Legend of the ANZU Bird.

“Against the Lords of the Abominations, do Thou stand firm!”

This line may refer to the Myth of the Slain Heroes. In this Myth, NINURTA slays a whole host of Monsters that later became known as the “Slain Heroes”.
Amongst these Monsters were the Warrior Dragon, the Bison-Beast and the Seven-headed Snake.
Such Monsters can certainly be perceived as the Lords of the Abominations!

The words: “Do Thou stand firm!”, may refer to NINURTA’s unwavering perseverance in his battle with the ANZU Bird.

When we take all of these things in account, it may well be that NINURTA is the Watchtower of the Southern Gate.

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