Ninzuwu Philosophy

NinzuwuPhilosophy is centered in the cultivation of the divine quality of love. Those who practice the Art of Ninzuwu have a perspective different, but useful, than those living in a world that is alienated from the stars. The following list of articles can serve as an aid in understanding the philosophy of the Ninzuwu. This page will be updated weekly.

Understanding the Art of Ninzuwu

Forgiveness is an Act of Self-Awareness

What Makes Humans Prone to Imitate Negative Behavior?

The Immortal Flame

Maintaining Your Spirituality in a Violent World and During Times of War

Avoid the Excesses of Magical Power

The Importance of Maintaining Communication with Sentient Beings Outside the World of Humanity

Does Religion Hinder Human Evolution?

Kotodama: The Power of Words Shape Our Reality

The Eighteenth Letter of Genghis Khan to the Magicians of the Yi Jing

Race: The Religion of the New World Order & The Most Prevalent Form of Mental Illness

Can The Art of Ninzuwu’s Economic Model of Spiritual Abundance Resolve Our Global Economic Crisis?

Freeing Your Mind From Cultism

Spiritually Its Not Good To Bring A Knife To A Gunfight

Understanding The Realm of the Ninzuwu in Shinto Cosmology

Some Notes on the Initiatory Structure of the Art of Ninzuwu

Uncovering the Sumerian Hoax: Is Pseudo-Science Turning Western Occultism Into A Religion For Dummies?

Jehovah’s Witnesses: The World’s Largest Demonic Organization

Remembering The Science of Prayer

Shinto’s Perspective on the Occult: Clairvoyance Doesn’t Mean Enlightenment

Christians Killing Christians In 2015: Will It Destroy America?

The Art of Ninzuwu’s 4-Step Solution To America’s Race Problem


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