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The Calendar of Mu

There are eight months in the Calendar of Mu, sometimes referred to as the Nyarzirian Calendar. Each month consists of forty-five days and represents a system of the eight hexagrams moving through the five elements. The Ninzuwu Priest/Priestess invokes the mudra/mantra formulae associated with each hexagram that rules a particular day after invoking the Armor of Amaterasu Ohkami. The months of the calendar are explained as they are entered:

Sign of Amaterasu Ohkami Year 18,002

Sign of Shamhat Year 18,002

Sign of Sheba Year 18,002

Sign of Johuta Year 18,002

Sign of Xuz Year 18,002

Sign of Yuvho Year 18,002

Sign of Watatsumi Year 18,002

Sign of Nudzuchi Year 18,002

Sign of Amaterasu Ohkami Year 18,003

Sign of Shamhat Year 18,003

Sign of Sheba Year 18,003

Sign of Johuta Year 18,003

Sign of Xuz Year 18,003

Sign of Yuvho Year 18,003

Sign of Watatsumi Year 18,003

Sign of Nudzuchi Year 18,003

Sign of Amaterasu Ohkami Year 18,004

Sign of Shamhat Year 18,004

Sign of Sheba Year 18,004

Sign of Johuta Year 18,004

Sign of Xuz Year 18,004

Sign of Yuvho Year 18,004

Sign of Watatsumi Year 18,004

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