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Human origins – Bible theory – Max Heindel – Part 1

This chapter has 2 parts, explaining the story of the Bible, Solomon, Jesus and futher in time up to Christian Rosenkreuz. He has about 3 different theory/stories about origins of the human race. And each of them has to logically match the others. So today we cover how he explains the biblical start of the human race from the gods.

Who is Max Heindel?
This is really weird… It’s like this universe is changing. Not the first time it has happened.
I swear the last time i read about him i remember Augusta Foss was practically the leader of the Rose Cross order. Or she was a leader of some society in America? Now i read that they were both just high-ranking Rosicrucians? Anyway, the story of Max Heindel can be found here: or

Max Heindel became a high-ranking Rosicrucian from an ordinary engineer and dock worker.
His future wife Augusta Foss taught him astrology amongst other arts. Even as a young boy
Heindel suffered a broken leg. He was sick a lot of the time, always writing a great book in the end of the sickness. He wanted to end suffering and sickness in humanity.
Let me be honest. Max Heindel is a GENIUS. He has deep knowledge on biology, chemistry, astrology, alchemy, magic and much more – from the origins of the human race, to the future.
Both high-ranking Freemasons and Rosicrucians can communicate and work with “forces from above”. You know what that means right? Spirits, angels, demons, elementals and gods.
Giving you occult knowledge from books long-lost or even not of this world. Helping you. Guarding you. And a lot more.

So here’s a summary for his explanation of the bible’s version of creation:

– The one more powerful god Jehovah(or Yahweh) created Eve first. (so the first human was a woman actually… interesting).
– Samael seduced Eve to have sex with him. He gave her god knowledge.
– Eve gave birth to the first human-demon hybrid named Cain – The original son of fire.
– Jehovah casted away Samael and that’s the last time we hear about him.
– Jehovah creates Adam to make Eve give birth to the first son of water – Abel.
– Here we have two bloodlines – one god/human hybrid and the other, demon/human hybrid.
– There is also no speaking of the devil or lucifer. It is unclear if Samael is the devil or just a demon. Compared to the sumerian story – Who would be Enlil and who would be Enki?

– Eve was a widow raising Cain alone and that’s why we call freemasons “son’s of the widow”… because freemasons are the fire bloodline, and the church and magicians are the water bloodline (as far as Max Heindel says). But more on that later.
– Jehovah of course loved Abel more, and so he was always favored… and Cain got angry i guess. Cain Killed Abel.
– Eve had another child with Adam called Seth. So heres where the water line comes from.
No from Abel but from Seth. Since Abel never  continued his bloodline.
– Max Heindel then speaks of Seth being reborn as Solomon and Cain being reborn as Hiram Abiff. (Hiram I, the king of Tyre – him and Solomon being very good friends)
– Solomon and Hiram started building the temple of Solomon – The greatest wonder of humanity (apart from Babel but that was somehow against god’s will).
And let us not forget that Solomon was given a gift from god – Judgement. To take the right decision and be a wise ruler. He also knew one of the names of gods (very powerful words that have power of demons and magic) And a sigil. Thanks to a ring with the name of god and a sigil on it Solomon had the power to practically travel to other dimensions.
Not only that, but Solomon could enslave entire legions of demons to build and work for him like slaves.
– There is a story where Solomon was traveling other worlds when he finally met his match.
A beautiful world (city?) protected by great walls. Solomon was pretty much like “i wanna go inside, lemme in” but “beings of shining light” simply rejected him.
– Continuing the story – Solomon and Hiram were trying to merge the fire and water bloodlines, trying to create an utopia… evolution of the human race.
– Queen of Sheba comes and Solomon falls in love with her. He shows her his grand temple and… as far as i remember from what Max Heindel explains – She was asking him to boss the workers around but the workers were of Hiram Abiff. And they only answered to him.
The Queen of Sheba of course wanted to meet this “super awesome” man that these workers answered to.
– She meets Hiram Abiff and of course likes him. Solomon gets angry and jealous. (which is pretty weird for a man like Solomon who had WISDOM granted by  Jehovah himself and the ring to pretty much do what he wants.) They were supposed to unite the bloodlines and change the world forever… will they ruin it all because of a woman? YES! They screwed so bad that Cain himself had to manifest and do something.

It all started as Hiram Abiff realized every action people take is all ready predicted and controlled by outside sources (the gods). He found that every inspiration and idea a human gets is put there by something out there. Meaning… creativity and talent was just an illusion as we were all puppets of the gods.
– As a side note by me – Astrology kinda proves that… A child bron on a specific alighment will excell at let’s say art…or medicine. And we can track his weak points and possible dangerous events in his future.
From personal experience i have to say there is a plan. One proof being a psychic telling my uncle that on a certain date he will have an accident if he goes out, and him crashing with his motor on that very day.

Back to the story – Hiram decided to create something not controlled by the outside forces.
Merge Fire and Water in a great pond build by him. (Don’t ask me what that was in reality – probably some kind of alchemical experiment that would result in a great advancement for man kind)

What happens next? To be continued in part 2.