The Enheduanna Library (Free Books)

Welcome to The Enheduanna’s Library, a valuable resource for every student of life. The Enheduanna Library was established by Warlock Asylum in 2017 for the benefit of people of all walks of life, whether they be involved in the study of the mystical arts or not.

The Enheduanna Library is an ever-expanding catalogue of books in pdf format that can be read online or downloaded to one’s computer. Simply click on the subject that you wish to research and you will be led to another page that has a corresponding list of pdfs in view of the subject. All titles are in PDF format and require the use of Acrobat Reader. We hope that you find this service useful. Donations are accepted. Wishing you a great and productive day!

Ancient Mesopotamian Spirituality


Eastern Religious & Philosophical Texts

Enochian, Necronomicon, & Thelema


Fourth Way & Gurdjieff Related Books


Martial Arts & Survival Skills

Personal Development

Sexual Mysticism

Herbal Medicine

Theosophical Occult Studies

We will be expanding our subject listing over the next few weeks. So if you haven’t found the subject you are looking for on his list, please check back after a few days, as we will be adding to the library’s catalogue daily.