About Warlock Asylum

Portrait of Messiah’el Bey, popularly known by his pen name Warlock Asylum (Japan 2013)
Warlock Asylum (Messiah’el Bey) – Japan 2013

Chaldean researcher and writer Messiah’el Bey is a direct descendant of Anne of Kiev and was born in Long Island, New York. He has been a student of religious and spiritual sciences from an early age. Bey is widely known for his work as an alchemist, artist, poet, martial artist, and musician that is popularly recognized under the pseudonym and trademark Warlock Asylum.

Among his many literary accomplishments, Warlock Asylum was the first to uncover the connections between the comic book hero Batman and the Mayan deity Camazotz (original article), a comparative analysis that many succeeding writers have only mimicked.  He has also solved the infamous Japanese ufo mystery of Utsuro-Bune (original article), another subject that Bey is often cited by educational resources. Most notably, Warlock Asylum became a household name in the alchemical world primarily because of his huge contributions to Sumerian religious studies.

Bey is one of the few alchemists that has explored and written about the Mesopotamian faith of DurAnKi, which existed long before the plight of modern religion. He has also written many essays about Shinto spiritualism and its comparative Jewish and Mesopotamian roots.

Warlock Asylum International News was developed to serve the community at large by reporting current trends in society, local news, hosting interviews with artists, and simply reporting what’s going on in the lives of everyday people without a political agenda.