Talking with the First Lady of Hip Hop Realness - Miranda Writes

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Today, not only do we have a special guest, but a modern-day pioneer of Hip Hop culture. Her highness is batting one thousand  with big aims and an unlimited future, whose present shadow is a recipe for success. Beautiful, intelligent, and witty, her rap style also comes with a message of redemption. Recently, I had the honor of chatting with this talented artist, and in so doing, was really inspired to by her work ethic and vision. I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to our written conversation. Enjoy!

Talking with The First Lady of Hip Hop Realness – Miranda Writes

Warlock Asylum: First, I would like to say “thanks” for taking the time to answer a few questions about your person and craft as a rap artist. This is definitely a priceless moment for our subscribers and other people who appreciate good music. Now for our readers who may not be aware of your being, how would you describe yourself? Who is Miranda Writes?

Miranda Writes: I think of myself as an advocate for expression. Ultimately, that is what music is to me and that’s what music does for me. With that being said, that’s what I aim to deliver to my listeners. I like to keep it raw and candid. I don’t believe in facades or gimmicks, I like to get into the deeper layers.

So as for who I am? I like to keep the soul in the music, and embrace all the experiences we encounter in our everyday lives. We all have our own story, but at our inner core we are all more alike than we think. I like to dive into that and use my voice as a voice for others.

Warlock Asylum: After listening to your music and watching some of the videos you’ve released, I was left with the impression that you’re extremely passionate about your career as a rapper, which leads to my next question. How did you get involved in music? Is this something that was with you as a child?

Miranda Writes: Absolutely, I love music! So I grew up in a household that has a huge appreciation for Hip Hop. As a kid, I grew up listening to the artists who many deem classic, you know artists like Rakim, Tupac, Biggie, Wu-tang, Public Enemy, and countless others. When I was ten years-old, I remember being allowed to listen to Eminem when everyone else in my class wasn’t (laughs). Anyway, I started writing poetry when I was a sophomore in high school. From there I asked myself; “Ok how can I take my writing and express who I am on a different level?” That’s when I decided to flip it on a beat. The rest is history!

Warlock Asylum: In an industry that is often accused of glorifying negativity and violence, your work in the rap world has been regarded by many people as “a breath of fresh air.” Has your approach to rap music been hard to maintain? Did you make a conscious decision to become a “positive” rapper, or is it simply a matter of being who you are?

Miranda Writes: I don’t think my approach is hard to maintain, but my approach makes it difficult to compete. When I say this, what I mean is that many people are used to hearing and rocking a certain sound. People get thrown off when they hear something different. Automatically, people expect to hear certain words come out of my mouth because I’m a Hip Hop artist and a woman. Many are surprised, when I astound them with a message that’s powerful and non-exploitive. I find this situation to be matter of concern, as it shows where we’re at in music.

I never made a conscious decision to be a “positive” emcee, it’s just who I am. I don’t believe in praising destructive content. I believe that words have the power of sticking around. When I look back someday at my music career, I want to make sure that I said all the things I wanted to say. So that’s my approach to the situation right now. I’m going to say what I want to say with the hope that it that it will make a difference.

Warlock Asylum: How does your family feel about your work as an artist? Do they in support your music? While there are several female rappers that have made their way into the language of common household usage, rap music is often said to be a male-dominated genre. What are your thoughts about women’s involvement in Hip Hop culture and the rap industry?

Miranda Writes: My family is incredibly supportive of my music. It’s really cool because I know many who can’t say the same. Thankfully, they continue to encourage and empower me along my journey.

The presence of women in Hip Hop is definitely disproportionate so I think it’s important to have women repping Hip Hop culture. I also think it’s important to have powerful women in the rap industry as it helps to break the barriers we’re used to seeing. Ultimately, great music is great music, gender should be irrelevant when measuring talent.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the challenges that you’ve faced and things that you’ve learned in making your career as an artist turn into a reality?

Miranda Writes: Honestly, I feel like every day I face new challenges because every day I strive to progress. With that being said, I’ve learned every step is a milestone. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like much, but it’s necessary for the growing process. I’ve learned how to balance my hunger with patience, and my ambition with execution. It’s all about going out there and getting what you want. As long as I have my eyes on the prize, I feel I can turn my dreams into reality.

Warlock Asylum: Wow! (Laughs) How can I get a t-shirt? I’m seeing pictures online of legendary MC’s wearing the “Miranda Writes Don’t Sweat Me” t-shirts. Can you tell us something about the Miranda Writes Movement?

Miranda Writes: I like to refer to my fans as “MW Warriors”. To me, that means finding strength in your weakest moments. Finding light in your darkest times. Being bold and brave when you feel like giving up, and ultimately rising after you’ve fallen down. Life has a way of throwing us curveballs, some of them we handle better than others. That’s ok, we’re human. However, as long as we continue to fight the good fight that’s what makes us “Warriors” and that’s what the Miranda Writes Movement is all about. Yes…more merchandise is coming soon you will definitely get some MW gear!

Warlock Asylum: Is snowboarding really your alter ego? How did you love for it begin?

Miranda Writes: For sure, I love the slopes! During the winter, you’ll find me at the mountain. I started snowboarding as a teenager with my family. I’ve been doing it since then. It’s an escape for me. I love nature and being one with the mountain!

Warlock Asylum: Where do you see your career five years from now? Are there different avenues of entertainment, besides music, that you would like to investigate in the future?

Miranda Writes: Five years from now, I’d like to see myself continuously topping what I once thought was my best work. I want to keep progressing musically. It’d be cool to maybe get into some acting. I definitely want to branch out into fashion at some point as well. I’d like to have my own line, including snow gear.

Warlock Asylum: Snow gear sound like an intelligent business move and evidence of the “skies the limit” persona that so many of us admire you for. I fully support that!  After having achieved some success in music, can you share with us one of the life’s principles that is important for all human beings to understand?

Miranda Writes: Find what you love in life and chase it. When you find what you love, you find purpose. I feel like we spend so much time trying to figure out how to make ourselves happy, when we never really do what makes us happy. A lot of the times it is easier said than done, but that shouldn’t hold us back. When it’s all over, I want to live a happy and fulfilled life. Love, purpose, and passion for life can change how one lives their life. 

Warlock Asylum: Thanks once again for letting us learn a little more about your work as an artist. How people get your music and information about performances? Any final thoughts?

Miranda Writes: Thank you for the support and rocking with the movement! It’s much appreciated. You can find all of my music and information at  You can also download my new track “Ask Em” for free on my website.

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Twitter: @MirandaWritesMc

Instagram: @miranda_writes

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