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In The Vicinity of Miracles by Greg Smith – A Great Musical Lesson


Based out of Savannah, Georgia, working-class musician, singer, and songwriter Greg Smith scores big with his latest release named In The Vicinity of Miracles. Smith’s musical ingenuity is in full bloom as he offers a melodiously fragrant track that is painted with chords of piano landscapes and soft but ample percussive sounds. In The Vicinity of Miracles is the title track of Smith’s album of the same name.

Smith’s composition beckons his audience to accompany him on this retrospective journey that instrumentally captures pop music’s broader scale of intellectualism. As Smith reflects on many of life’s complexities, the listener is seduced by the sincerity of his vocal prowess.  In The Vicinity of Miracles is a work of art that holds a tremendous depth as a musical composition in theory. Greg Smith emerges once again with a lesson for us all.