Catfish Walkin’ captures lyrical inventiveness and fabulous wordplay on his new single titled 16 Bit. The new track is off of his album ‘Back From The Dead”. Catfish Walkin’ is a metaphor king with a distinct vocal texture that sheds light on every word departing the multi-talented emcee’s mouth.

As a musician, producer, and songwriter, Catfish Walkin’ understands how to skate on a track. 16 Bit is a sterling example of the potentiality and creative lore possessed by Catfish Walkin’. 16 Bit holds the dexterity that many hip-hop purists will find delightful and inspiring. The track opens with a tap of electronic before evolving into a hard-hitting extravaganza. 16 Bit’s electronic music frontier is inviting and cleverly produced, as it ascends into verbal and melodic sophistication. 16 Bit by Catfish Walkin’ is rap music at its finest!