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Occasionally, we receive comments about some of our previous discussions that are useful to expand upon in a deeper discussion. In our article entitled; DISCOVERING THE SIMON NECRONOMICON’S AUTHENTICITY PART 1: CHALDEAN MAGIC, which can be found here:


We received the comments form “Wind”:


“I’ve enjoyed reading some of your articles, and I would be fascinated to see some evidence that the Necronomicon is indeed of ancient origin, but it just defies logic to argue that a book listed in Simon’s own bibliography in the Necronomicon is proof. It’s a far more economical conclusion that Simon used Lenorant’s book as a reference to create the Necronomicon. He used the German translation of the Maklu tablets, so why not a French book for other details? Only if you could prove that it wasn’t available to a person in the 1970’s would it be significant, but this book was published in French 1896.

I’m impressed by how well Levenda did his homework to create not a hoax, exactly, but rather a work of art that clearly has spiritual depth, authenticity and value for practitioners such as yourself. But I see no evidence that it is an ancient text. It seems to be more of a synthesis and re-imagining of ancient sources.”


I thought that this would be a good topic to discuss. It seems that “Wind” may have mistaken as to what I was trying to convey in the article about the Simon Necronomicon’s authenticity. I have stated numerous times in my debates with Dan Harms that I believe that Simon wrote the Necronomicon based on a template left behind by Aleister Crowley himself. In my discussion about the Simon Necronomicon’s authenticity, I wanted to show that the text is of ancient origin, not necessarily the concept of the Simon Necronomicon. This is not really a sketchy area, but it is for people who would like to denounce the Simon Necronomicon’s credibility as a grimoire. If I was writing a book and included various pieces of the Hebrew Bible in my book, it could be said that parts of my book are of ancient origin.  If I were to further list rituals along with the Hebrew text, it could possibly be understood by my readers that I was reconstructing the methods and rites in how the Hebrew text was used. It is clearly evident that Simon was doing the same thing with the Simon Necronomicon. Most of the formulas given in the Simon Necronomicon match up exactly with those given in the book, Chaldean Magic: Its Origin and Development by Francois Lernomant. The interesting thing about the book Chaldean Magic is that it is an examination of ancient magical formulas that were found in Ancient Assyrian tablets. Now if the Simon Necronomicon authors used these formulas in the Necronomicon, would not the practitioner of the Simon Necronomicon be using magical formulas that date back thousands of years ago? Of course they would! Regardless of whether or not it is not the Necronomicon that Lovecraft spoke about, it is still a book that reveals the magical practices of the Ancient Chaldeans, some parts of which were inherited from the Sumerians. You would think that the Simon Necronomicon would be viewed as a great accomplishment in the occult community, especially in view of what is known about the Chaldean religion. Notice what is said in THEOSOPHY, Vol. 52, No. 6, April, 1964 (Pages 175-182; Size: 22K):

“THE Chaldean religion is entirely lost to the world now, except in its disfigured Sabeanism as rendered by archeologists. It is the outcome of three great religions, the Indian, the Mazdean, and the Egyptian, and bears direct relationship to all of these”

In view of the above comment, is it not a landmark accomplishment by the authors of the Simon Necronomicon to shed light on some of the rituals and practices that the Ancient Chaldeans were using? Of course it is!  There is no grimoire that I can think of to date that is factual. All grimoires are based on a mythological template that fictionally describes an actual rite that is factual and has historical roots. You would think that the “New Age Community” would embrace such an event. However, I realize that the majority of so-called occultists today are mentored by various “occult organizations” that operate in the same manner that many Christian Churches do. These organizations gather up weak-minded individuals by promising them some sort of power, in the same manner Churches promise their flock a life in heaven, and now these so-called occultists feel content based on their membership with an organization and not their advancement in the work, and this is why the Simon Necronomicon is so dangerous to the “so-called occult community. History tells us that the ancient occultists were severely persecuted, not because they were criminals, but because they threatened the Church’s power. They were able to do miraculous things and the Church felt that this would oppose their ever-growing field of influence and in some ways weaken the Church’s doctrine. So they tried to exterminate Witchcraft. (Please not that the Biblical term for wicked originates from the same root word that can be translated as “witch”)Since the Simon Necronomicon is not a work that is connected to a particular occult organization, it is perceived as dangerous by so-called modern occult organizations who can only promise its members what the Initiate of the Simon Necronomicon is already doing, and this is why a great majority of occult groups denounce the Simon Necronoicon as fiction.

 The teachings of the Simon Necronomicon are taught by one person to the next. I think that anyone who begins this system will need a mentor in the early rites since the energies behind the system are very powerful. However, I would say that most practitioners that I know who work with the system usually can work a good deal of the rituals on their own after Walking a few Gates. The freedom that the Shaman of the Simon Necronomicon possesses is also a great source of power. You would think that most people would understand the one simple truth that being connect with the divines energies that permeate throughout our universe is much more important than being a member of an organization that can only claim to be connected with You see when we are connected to these energies directly, we can study them for ourselves and see how they work in our lives. When we are affiliated with an organization with have to adopt its philosophy, wait to get administrations approval before being recognized as being one step closer to this energy. We have to learn about the founders of the so-called occult organization, which are usually people we don’t know, and we also have to be given additional rules based on the organization’s survival and not our own. How different is this from the Shaman of the Simon Necronomicon, who is taught a philosophy based on his/her interaction with the energies in the text? The shaman of the Simon Necronomicon can include things he/she learned from other schools of thought in their own to better equip them in their evolution. They feel a sense of accomplishment because they have learned how to work with the energies directly from a “deity” rather than feeling good because the received a promotion in an occult organization simply by writing an essay. The work of the Simon Necronomicon is real. So now you have all these would be occult organizations denouncing the Simon Necronomicon, but who are ineffective in an accurate understanding of the Ancient Rites of Mesopotamia.

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