The multi-talented model and rap artist Miranda Writes has gifted the world of entertainment with an unprecedented creative outburst of memorable music. Over the past two years, the First Lady of Hip Hop released numerous singles and has enjoyed several collaborative efforts. Success has turned out to be Miranda’s ultimate groove and her new single Taylor Swift amplifies the beauty and talent that this ambitious woman brings to a new generation of musical artistry.

Taylor Swift is a rap fan’s dream! Miranda runs a complete package of urban psychology and breastmilk rhythms that speak to the hearts of critic, fans, and rap pioneers. The track opens with a rich bassline and an exquisite drum pattern. Additional synth sounds provide much of the tune’s picturesque dimensionality. Miranda takes the song to another level with an incredible but memorable hook. Taylor Swift comes with its own provocative sense of cattiness that equips Miranda Writes with the ability to fly into our dreams.

Along with being a one-of-a-kind rap song, Taylor Swift has a very engaging music video that gives us a clear depiction of Miranda’s aura. Indeed, she is a force to be reckoned with while being adorned in lipstick red. It is with great admiration, however, that we find Miranda’s adventure into a tropical worldview for all that rap music has been, can be, and will become in the future. It’s all about Miranda Writes holding a sonic flag for the treasure chest we have found in Taylor Swift.

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