I would like to welcome everyone to the Simon Necronomicon GateWalker’s Page. Recently, we have been discussing many things concerning the Gates that lie beyond the Seven Initiatory Constellations. In a recent post, we spoke about the limits of the Initiatory Walkings, which can be seen here How Long Do We Continue To Walk The Gates

The main purpose of this article was to illustrate what is entailed in self-inititation, and how does this correspond to our workings as GateWalkers. Once we have passed through the Seven Gates and the four Elemental Gates, we can consider ourselves to be Initiated into the Necronomicon Current and are thus able to work with all the entities and spirits mentioned in the tome. Wecan then say that we have accomplished the primary purpose of the Sacred Marriage Rite, which is the union of the “Earthly Self” with our “Heavenly Watcher.”   Once this union occurs, we are reborn as Immortal Beings, yet there is still more work to do. We are admonished by the Mad Arab to ‘strive to the furthest reaches of the stars.’ This means that as new-born Initiates our work is just beginning, and in many ways is an eternal work.

It is a beautiful thing to be able to travel amongst celestial bodies that are billions of years old and learn from their wisdom, and in doing so, we are also improving our lives and purifying our souls. We are also blessed in the methods we use to explore the regions of the universe via GateWalking. What is so fascinating about the GateWalking Ritual and the Ritual of Calling, is that we can also employ energies not written in the Necronomicon in an effective manner. This gives the Asura endless possibilities into vast regions of the mind and soul.

The Arcturian Gate

Last nite, I was doing some researchon Reiki. I have been blessed to work with Reiki for the past ten years now, as well as, the opportunity to attune others who are now Reiki Masters themselves. During my research, I cam across a symbol that was described as a “star-gate.” Now i must say that my initial plan was to Walk into the realm of Reiki energies, however, after viewing an Arcturian Symbol, I became very intrigued and spent the next three hour researching the Arcturian experience. I even discovered the following observation made by the infamous Edgar Cayce:

“Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in our entire galaxy.”

I began to look up information about Arcturus and was amazed by its size in comparision to our Sun.


If you look in the image above, you can see our Sun on the far left-hand side. after also discovering that Arcturus was off the handle of the Big Dipper, I decided that I would walk the Gate of Arcturus. Wikipedia provides some very useful info on the Star, which can be viewed here. Arcturus

I also discovered that there was a strong underground following of New Agers who believed in beings from the celestial body who are called Arcturians. Many Reiki Practitioners also follow this path of Arcturian thought. Arcturian Perspective

I am not one ofr the New Age Movement, as it suffers from a population that tries to escape reality and puts ethnic mystical teaching through the process of regentrification. yet i was intrigued and felt called to work with the Star’s energies by my guides. So I used the original symbol that captured my attention. I wrote out an Incantation based on the facts that I had accumulated and Walked to the Star of Arcturus via the GateWalking ritual.

I must admit that after completing the ritual, I didn’t really notice much. However, when I got up this morning, I felt like a visitor from another world. My understanding and attention to detail increase vastly. I could see  the life condition of people and this perception was very odd to me. This occurred not only with people, but with natural life all around me. I had a deeper appreciation for something so simple as a tree. I felt like a healer. These energies have responded faster than any that I work with, and I have not made it through a full day as of yet. I promise to let you know what this Gate is like 🙂




3 thoughts on “Opening the Arcturian Gate

  1. “We can then say that we have accomplished the primary purpose of the Sacred Marriage Rite, which is the union of the “Earthly Self” with our “Heavenly Watcher.” Once this union occurs, we are reborn as Immortal Beings, yet there is still more work to do.” Beautiful.

    Nice experience you had, ¿Can you describe the ritual that put you in contact with such energies?

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Walking the Gates is just the beginning. Mastering oneself, well, that’s a different story.

  2. It is a parallel story!

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