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The Atlantean Necronomicon Update! Your Input Is Needed


I am happy with the project so far. I must say that the Atlantean Necronomicon focuses on the Ancient Rites that preceded Sumer. It is an in-depth study of the Urilla Text and includes Gates that are not obvious to the GateWalker, but are in the text. There is also information about the Magan Text and how it is used in the Qliphotic Rites and how it is read. We also are told the true origins of the Mad Arab. This is the most powerful feature of all Necronomicons to date.

Originally, I thought it might be best to release this information to only a few people. Since I have been using it over the past month, while finishing the editorials about it, I have had OBE’s at least once a week.

Please leave a comment if you think this should be a private or public release? Thank you.

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