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Is The Simon Necronomicon A Form of Chaos Magic?


I would like to welcome you all the The Simon Necronomicon GateWalker’s Info Page. If this is your first time here you may want to review some of our previous articles to gain insight into our current discussion. Enjoy your stay!

Aren’t you a little tired of the Simon Necronomicon bashing?!! It’s amazing how so many pseudo-occultists consider the book to be a work of fiction or some hoax. Of course, many of the people making such claims have not been initiated into any form of magic, but assume that they can reach their aims through the use of magic and their imagination ONLY. Some occultist shy away from the Simon Necronomicon discussions since they are not too knowledgable about the Tome and that can easily be respected for it is the way of the wise.

What I find hard to understand is that the Simon Necronomicon is labeled by many as fiction. Yet these same psuedo-occultists who label the Tome as fiction have never stopped to asked themselves; What grimoire is not fiction? I would take it then that these idiots actually believe that the Key of Solomon was written by the legendary King Solomon? Or the 5th and 6th Books of Moses were written by the prophet Moses? It’s interesting to note how these same idiots can look upon the Bible. the Qu’ran, and etc, and accept their supporters, but aren’t these same books works of fiction that have a strong and wide following? Isn’t this what makes these religions acceptable? What’s even more ironic, is how these same individuals just post up copy and paste information taken from the works of Dan Harms and John Wisdom Gonce III. I can at least give credit to Dan Harms for having done researched HIMSELF and formed his synopsis based on that. However, I am sure that when you look across the internet, Dan Harms could probably make more money sueing people who have used portions of his book on their websites without his permission because these people are too lazy to research on their own, and this is the audience that usually debunks the Simon Necronomicon, the well-read, but not the well-researched.

When the Initiate begins to work with the system and does research on the various deities listed in the Tome, they will come to an apprecite that the system laid out in the Simon Necronomicon is indeed a spiritual path. Many people have labeled the Simon Necronomicon as a form of Chaos Magick, which is completely obsurd.

The Simon Necronomicon is very specific in its instructions to be considered a form of Chaos Magick. I would say that it is a closed system, but the Mad Arab himself warns against those whodo not follow the prescribed details of the Tome

“Remember always to copy each of the formulae as I have put it down, and not to change it by one line or dot, not so much as a hair’s breadth, lest it be rendered valueless, or worse: a broken star is the Gate of GANZIR, the Gate of Death, the Gate of the Shadows and the Shells. Recite the incantations as they are written here, in the manner this prescribed. Prepare the rituals without erring, and in the proper places and times render the sacrifices.”

I do not see how the Simon Necronomicon is labeled by some as a form of Chaos Magick. The instructions in the Simon Necronomicon are very specific. From my experience, it seems that those who are unaware of the inner meanings and working of the system label it a such out of ignorance.

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