I just wanted to make a few notes for our regular readers here at the Gate-Walkers Page. I have been busy editing the Atlantean Necronomicon. The manuscript is close to being finished. Certain aspects of the necronomicon will be revealed in this manuscript.

1) The identity and history of Lady Shakuguku

2) The use of the Atlantean language with all its symbolism and additional deities not mentioned in the Urilia Text.

3) The Tantric application of the Necronomicon

4) The intent and purpose of the Magan Text

5) a full history of Lamashtu before the deluge and her place in the Necronomicon Tradition.

6) The origin and history of all the deities mentioned in the Urilia Text

7) Additional insights into the initiaory aspects of the Simon Necronomicon and the origin of some of the signs and seals.

Additionally, I have received a few emails concerning the Correspondence Course. and I just wanted to let all those interested know that I will be emailing you with firther instructions this weekend. You may also receive an email from my job location, so please review title of incoming emails. I will be posting some new articles after I finish the manuscript this week and some book reviews.

Have a great weekend!

Warlock Asylum

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