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The Atlantean Necronomicon Is Now Available!!!

I would like to welcome everyone here to the Simon Necronomicon Gate-Walker’s Page. I would like to thank everyone for their input and suggestions concerning The Atlantean Necronomicon: Veils of Negative Existence. The information in this book is extremely rare, if not obsolete for some. It is a valuable resource for Gate-Walkers and occultists worldwide.

The book has several interviews appearing in its appendix section. I would like to thank Dan Harms, and Aion 131, for allowing me permission to print their thoughts. Also Dan Harms, and a variety of other people will be happy to know that I found the origin of KUTULU, with historical data to support this.

All the deities in the Urilia Text are explained, as well as, a thorough history of Lammashta, Lady Shakuguku, and many others. It is a magical work, which includes essay and valuable information, making it an integral part of the Necronomicon Tradition.

The Atlantean Necronomicon: Veils of Negative Existence

We did have a pdf version available, but I really think that this content is too valuable too valuable to have flying over the internet, but I am open to suggestions. Thanks for your support.

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