Over the past few months many people interested in initiation via the Simon Necronomicon have emailed me with questions regarding the Order of Necronomicon. I am happy to announce that the Order of Necronomicon forum can be found at the following link:


I am sure you will find the information here of interest regardless of the field of occult study. Stay Blessed!

5 thoughts on “The Order Of Necronomicon’s New Forum

  1. nightcaller says:

    My condolence with the passing of Kenneth Grant. I visited the Order of the Necronomicon forum and I think it is great! Lots of valuable information! Last week I visited a bookstore in my city and found there a first print of Wallis Budge’s Amulets and Superstitions from 1930. It had to cost 75,00 euro’s. I couldn,t afford it. I bargained for a better price, but they wouldn’t sell it for less than 75,00 euro’s. This week I prayed to ZULUM and carrying its seal I went back to the store and they sold it for just 60,00 euro’s! This great volume contains some information on LAMASHTU as well as pictures of a plaque with images of LAMASHTU, PAZUZU and NERGAL. My regards NIGHTCALLER.

    1. warlockasylum says:

      That’s an excellet find! I am happy that you were able to obtain it. It is definitely been a useful tool in my work as well. Now that you are working with some of the Necronomicon energies, it would be interesting to hear your opinion of how scholars describe the same entities that you are working with. Keep us posted. it is great hearing from you. Stay blessed!

  2. nightcaller says:

    I am honored that you would like to hear my opinion. I do own several grimoires and numerous books on the occult, history, mythology and psychology. I always try to verify the source I am consulting because I have noticed that some scholars vary wildly in their opinion of what class a spirit belongs to or what attributes they possess. The books are a handy guide but the best way to learn is to seriously practice the rites and rituals and always be respectful of the powers you seek to contact. I also learnt a lot from a book called Summoning Spirits-the Art of Magical Evocation written by Konstantinos. It contains the Golden Dawn’s LBRP, BRH, the Middle Pillar Ritual, the Opening by Watchtower, how to construct various magical implements ( most of these I have already constructed ), and descriptions of various entities. A very good book! I have also collected most of the ritual items for the gatewalking ritual. How do I now when I am ready to walk the first gate? My regards, Nightcaller.

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