It is with the grace and elegance of a true Renaissance woman that Jillian Janson has risen to tremendous heights in the world of adult entertainment. Aside from seeing her perform, I was drawn to investigate Jillian Janson’s work after watching an interview she did on YouTube, which revealed the beauty of her soul. Ms. Janson is not your ordinary pornstar. There is a sparkle in her eyes that helps us to understand how the pleasure shared between two consenting adults is, in fact, an act of nature.


Hailing from the beloved State of Minnesota, Ms. Janson’s career in adult entertainment began shortly after her 18th birthday. Since embarking on the path of a pornstar, Ms. Janson has performed in numerous movies and remains active as a nominee and recipient of several adult film awards, which include Best Female Performer (Editor’s Choice) (2015 NightMoves Award) and Best POV Sex Scene (2016 AVN Award).

Ms. Janson has expressed a high level of creativity on and off-camera. She is a published author. Her book The Billionaire and the Bartender is an awesome read. I had the privilege of interviewing this aspiring diva back in September 2018 to the delight of many of our readers and visitors. It is with great honor that I am happy to announce Jillian Janson as the recipient of the Warlock Asylum International News 2019 Adult Film Star of the Year Award! Congratulations!

Warlock Asylum International News Awards
Warlock Asylum International News 2019 Adult Film Star of the Year Award: Jillian Janson

3 thoughts on “2019 Adult Film Star of the Year: Jillian Janson

  1. Her interview is really interesting. She really makes the stigma against the porn industry seem outdated and silly.

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