Pictures of My First Watcher Calling

Greetings! I would like to welcome everyone here to the Simon Necronomicon Gate-Walker’s Info Page. If this is your first time here, please take the time to review some of our previous articles. Stay Blessed!

For advanced members of the Necronomicon Tradition I thought I would share some details about my own experience. Here is a picture of the fire in the Agga Mass Ssaratu when I first called the Watcher some years ago. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts:

The Fire Takes Shape : Warlock Asylum's First Watcher Call


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  1. I’m pretty new to the tradition, and doing a lot of research on everything there has to do with gatewalking. I appreciate all of your articles here as they help me to learn and grow. I hope to one day be able to walk the gates myself.


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