3 thoughts on “Mesopotamia

  1. It is an incredible honor to be the inheritors of the sacred knowledge of this grand civilization and its great people!

    They truly were magnificent! And they live on in each and everyone of us.

    Last saturday I visited Brother Imajica and Sister Sitrah and we discussed how great it would be if we could visit these ancient ruins. Unfortunately it is still to dangerous for westerners to travel there…. 🙁

  2. it is indeed sad that we are not able to travel safely to these places. since i was a child, i have wanted to go to Egypt, and go along the silk road, and to Mesopotamia. there are things in these places that we have to lay our eyes upon physically to appreciate.

  3. Warlock Asylum says:

    This is true Kingu Darkly. It is good to hear from you! Did you know that the Indian Jones movie was inspired by famous Sumerianologist Samuel Noah Kramer’s experience? The Arab’s chased him out, for the research that he was doing on Mesopotamia.

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