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Cult of Cthulhu's Queen Bee:The Lovely Sin Jones
Cult of Cthulhu’s Queen Bee:The Lovely Sin Jones

It is definitely an honor being able to interview a persona such as Sin Jones.I met Ms. Jones quite some time ago, and have always hung around the same circle of people. I got a chance to talk to Ms. Jones, it had been quite some time. Why don’t you join us as i ask Miss Jones and learn a little about Miss Jones.  I am sure that many of our readers may be familiar with you. But, in your own words, how would you describe yourself?

Sin Jones: The pleasure is all mine, I’m sure.  I would describe myself as a cultus extraordinaire.  What I mean by that is that, is my SINtristic methodologies, in which I am constantly refining myself, as well as those that find themselves in my environment. I am a writer, artist, occultist, Cthulhu cultist, and Satanic mad-woman.  It is through these rich mediums that I inject myself as a chaos agent to cultivate an ideal environment for personal fulfillment and exceeding the limitations of humanity.  My methods are aggressive and sinister.  To put it in a context you can relate to, I am the Crawling Chaos… Nyarlathotep pushing you into your own insanity.  It is there, that you may use it to refine yourself, rather than be used by it.  Society as a whole has become too complacent, mediocre, and I will not tolerate it.  I seek to disrupt complacency in hopes of a more active and critically thinking populace.  My dirty finger in the holy water, so to speak.

Warlock Asylum: How did you get involved in occult studies? What were the obstacles since pursuing this path and what are the benefits?

Sin Jones: I stumbled into it as a matter of happenstance in early childhood.  I was in deep romance with knowledge, and my passions for subjects I was already studying  (such as: philosophy, psychology, anthropology and sociology) were a way to shape my world into something more palatable than the trials and tribulations that youth would allow.  A natural progression lead me to occult studies.  I consider it a Way, in that pursing truth for the attainment of power and autonomy, there is no real ‘path’ one can take that would be like my own.  It is my Way. The only obstacle I’ve really faced in over 25 years of study, is time.  There is so much that could be known, but is unknown to me.  I press on, but I am realistic about my pursuit.  I know that in my lifetime I will only scratch the surface.  It is my hope to attain enough knowledge and truth to achieve my life’s goals; as well as make an impact on people who come into contact with me. The benefit is always looking inward, but also looking outward for contrast and comparison.  It’s rather easy to believe that you are doing things the right way, and have all the right answers.  It’s harder to be skeptical of your own thoughts and ideas, and find a way to determine what way of being is both right and correct.  It’s Work, but the work is beneficial when you can see demonstrable results, and those which are both needed and desired.  Occult Philosophy differs from traditional philosophy, in that its key aim is to directly affect your “reality”.  Philosophy doesn’t provide answers, it’s merely a tool for seeking them.  Occult philosophy is complex, and seeks to change the way you view the world, but especially your role in shaping your own destiny.  In some cases, realizing your power no matter how minute you believe it to be.

Warlock Asylum: Its amazing how time moves by, as we met quite a few years ago on a social network. Today, I see that you have done a lot of work with the Cult of Cthulhu. What is your relationship with the CoC? Much more importantly; how did you discover the Cult?

Sin Jones: Time does fly!  See what I mean?  We’ve crossed paths many times over the years and it was barely a year ago when I was asked to be a guest on The Ooze pod-cast to talk about my past experiences with the Cult of Cthulhu, and my relationship with Venger Satanis.  As I stated on that show, I believe all men can be redeemed through their actions.  As a result of being frank, earnest with my commentary, and through effective dialogue that relationship was reconciled.  I was asked to re-join the cult. Today, I’m considered Priestess of R’lyeh of the Cthulhu Cult.  Sounds like a silly label outside the cult atmosphere.  It’s not a title I expect to be recognized by anyone, the ‘title’s are merely markers of ascension.  Not only within the cult ranks, but personal development and fulfillment.

It’s a funny story really, I didn’t discover the cult.  It discovered me.  It goes back to the days of Myspace, while it was pretty much killed by Facebook, back in the early 2000’s it was the hot spot of social networking.  I had my own group there called Satanic Mind.  It was a place for Satanists of any ilk to share information, discuss social issues, and refine their own paradigms.  Darrick Dishaw joined the group and posted a number of threads on his distaste for The Church of Satan, ‘LaVeyan Satanism’ and why he was building something he considered unique and a better way of approaching life’s challenges.  Back in those days, Darrick was still coming into his own.  He was struggling with finding a way to attain power without being associated with the passe’ philosophies that were being used as dogmatic underpinnings.  As time went on, this character we know as Venger Satanis became more aggressive in his spamming of his new cult.  I’ll admit, I was among a group of members which made fun of him, and poked him with a stick with my inquiries.  The members of my group wanted me to ban him, but I allowed his presence to keep a watchful eye on his writing and personal development.  By the time his first book Cthulhu Cult came out, I had a vested interest in reading it.  While it’s been criticized ad-nauseum for its obvious pirating of Wikipedia content on the Cthulhu mythos, I could recognize his personal insights.  A strong focus on developing consciousness, power, and autonomy but through the use of an applied aesthetic.  I recognized it for what it was, Life-coaching with fancy window dressing.  I participated in his forum for a year as an anonymous user.  I read his blogs, commented on threads, and found myself really enjoying the artful use of rich allegory and metaphor to accomplish change in the self through mind-fuckery.  I emerged as a known user, advising Venger that it was “I” who was this particular anonymous user to be held accountable for my commentary.  Over the years, I’ve been extremely brutal with approaching this paradigm.  In fact, much of the discourse between Venger and I, was of a more personal nature than it was ‘cult-related’.  I tend to deconstruct things, then construct them in a manner that makes more sense for me.  In this approach, I was constantly challenging Venger’s ideas, and his understanding of the content he was presenting to his cult as The Way.

Today, we have found a way to co-exist in the cult.  The impression that the cultists ‘worship’ Venger, isn’t quite right.  Don’t get me wrong, you have your novice users of the forums that pledge their undying devotion to him, but they don’t really quite ‘get it’, or participate on the cerebral level as the upper echelon.  If you pay attention, it’s not as if Venger welcomes this sort of ‘worship’ of his person, but there is a level of respect and admiration that we all have for his passion and devotion to his task.    I consider the years spent conversing with Venger our musings.  We muse.  We often bounce ideas off of each other, and inspire future writing and development of the cult paradigm.  I participate on a more aggressive level to lead by example.  I get ridiculed for it, but I always get the last laugh, when those issuing criticism don’t really know what it is they are criticizing in “reality”.  When I think back on what the cult once was years ago, and compare to what it is today?  It remains the unformed chaos.  It is many things, it’s not just one thing.  To learn the ropes, you have to participate  and not just read a few forum threads; to decide if Venger and I and our self-proclaimed Messiah status are off our rockers.

Warlock Asylum: Since we are on the subject of the Cult of Cthulhu, many of our readers here are more than familiar with the name Venger Satanis. Some have said that if there is any one who can keep the Green Pope’s ego in check, it would be Sin Jones. In what ways has Venger Satanis’s work influence you spiritual path, if any?

Sin Jones: Believe it or not, there was a time in which Venger’s ego needed a kick in the ass.  He was too careful with his words, he seemed to walk on egg-shells so as not to offend the squishy feelings of those on the Left-hand-path. He really wanted people to take a look at what he was presenting.  I’d often demonstrate to him that you can be ego-maniacal, as long as the action you take has merit behind it, and people find you credible.  Otherwise it’s just shit talk.  I mean, who follows shit talk anyway?  As commented on The Ooze, he is a man, and susceptible to all the same fallacies as other men.  You live and learn right?  As far as I can tell, those that find themselves in cults of personality, rarely reap the benefits of worshiping another.  In spite of unpopular opinion, it’s not a cult of Venger.  It’s the collected works of the Cthulhu Cult.  Those that have participated have contributed as much (if not more) than has been dished out by a guy with an Eldritch vision living in Wisconsin.  I’ve read volumes of commentary that I walk Venger on a leash.  This isn’t the case.  In the public eye, we let you see what we want you to see.  Behind the scenes we don’t always agree, we rival each other in some cases, but in others we reason with each other.  About the direction of the cult, the paradigm, and our public activities. We offer each other critiques. We are often seen as a pair, or even a pair within a pair, as Venger and Darrick are treated as two different people, as much as SIN and Cora’Sahn are treated the same way.  I assure you, we are the same people but perhaps operate ‘in character’ depending on the environment.  We have a sense of humor.  We laugh a lot behind closed doors.  We enjoy what we do, otherwise we simply wouldn’t do it.  I will proudly call myself Venger’s whore.  It’s what I do.  I whore the cult, it’s ideologies and share our writing.  Whether you choose to be my John, is entirely up to your own key aims.

As far as the influences are concerned, I believe in giving credit when it’s due.  If it were not for Venger Satanis, I may not have delved into a Fourth Way study; which has had an effect on my thinking and how I view my sense of self.  Granted, we don’t always agree on the meaning of G.I. Gurdjieff’s writing, or student-teachers, but we find our way through it to reach some level of consensus for sharing our insights within the cult paradigm.  Through Fourth Way, I’ve taken into my fold a lexicon of language that runs parallel to motifs I was already exploring and using in my own life.  When addressing ‘spirituality’, I tend to use this term to discuss the primal self.  The true self that lives under the surface of the many layers of personality.   “The Beast in the Cave”, using a Lovecraft reference.

Warlock Asylum: I would like to congratulate you on your radio show and other ventures related to Poison Apple. I remember when we first met you were making fine jewelry. You seem to have quite a bit of business savvy. What are your aspirations as a business woman?

Sin Jones: The jewelry making, and other artwork are just as much a medium for me as the radio show.  It’s all part of my artistic expression and methodologies.  To know me, is to know my expressions.  Otherwise you fall subject to my SINology. My website is a hub for all things me, sure it’s a store-front too, but that’s not my primary focus. My aspirations are to infect and affect culture as much as possible.    I would encourage you to visit my Art War page which explains this in greater detail. Symbol has power and any person aware of this fact will use it their advantage, as I have done.

Warlock Asylum: How did Poison Apple come about? What is Poison Apple?

Sin Jones: I can’t reveal all my secrets, or else it’s no longer ‘occult’, but I will tell you this:  A ‘poison apple’ injects a body of ideas and imagery into the mind and acts as a catalyst for imaginings and projections, and this is only the beginning.  The poison apple could be described as my primal essence, and is a useful tool in acquiring what I set out to attain.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to Initiates of the Asharu (Necronomicon) Tradition and occultist in general?

Sin Jones: The best advice I could give to initiates is to remain self-aware.  Do not allow insanity to use you, but instead use it as a way to obtain all that you desire.  The occult is highly cerebral, it’s not Hollywood ‘magic’ and devilry but it is indeed of the devil.  The Necronomicon you write, is indeed very real, and acts as the carrier to strange new worlds.  Worlds that you construct, reside in, and destroy if necessary.  Study is holding knowledge, wisdom is using that knowledge wisely.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to those who are newly curious about occult studies?

Sin Jones: Study comes in many forms.  Any given author’s perspective is just that, a perspective.  Including my own. You will find that in the field of academia, even the ‘scholars’ don’t always agree.  I write to share that perspective, to demonstrate the processing of knowledge into ideas that the reader may consider for themselves.  I instruct through writing, visual and audio presentation, and talking with people for contrast and comparison.  When approaching the ‘occult’, there are hidden meanings as well as agendas.  When you remain self-aware, you are aware of the programming the study will inject.  Following a lead may be detrimental to the desired outcome.  It’s okay to get behind the ideas of another, but it’s better to have your own.  The old proverb, “The Student Surpasses the Master”. Be on watch for those hidden agendas, it may be as simple as peddling books for the sole purpose of profiting from your curiosity.  Being skeptical isn’t the same thing as being cynical.   I find that through skeptical inquiry you can find gems of truth, while opposing that which is being taught.  I make the distinction between education and learning.  Education is following a current of curriculum (programming), learning may force you against that current; and you’ll find this to be the case throughout your life, not just in the study of the occult.

Warlock Asylum: Other than your involvement with the CoC, what other schools of occult studies have you pursued?

Sin Jones: When I think of the 28+ years of study, I could rattle off a few ‘schools’ I’ve participated in such as the O.T.O, Temple of Set, B.O.T.A., and various ‘Mystery Traditions’, but it was more of an anthropological interest.  I ask myself these questions:  What are these folks peddling?  What value does it hold?  What benefit can I reap from it?  What do they claim I should get out of it?  What effects are these organizations really having on culture?  In the end I just walk away with a reading list.  The organizations themselves, vary on a scale from 1-10 for an ideal learning environment (I will reserve rating those I’ve mentioned).  I find the reading list to scale higher than any participation to acquire tools for self development and inventing complete environments.  I’ve met a few interesting individuals along the way, and a few gems of truth here and there but I don’t think being involved in an organization is a requisite for the learning curve.  The Cult of Cthulhu is unique, and my own experience with it is unique to me.  I don’t expect others to view the world through Lucifer’s Lens as I do.  We are individuals, even if we can be linked by a common thread.

Warlock Asylum:Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these few questions. any final thoughts?

Sin Jones: My website is the hub to all things SIN JONES, it does include a reading library of some of my recent articles.  Those relevant here are:

Taming Primal Essence

Being…The Way of the Cult

Conversational Intolerance:

All of my writing is available for free download.  I urge feedback and dialogue about the subjects I cover.


The Cult of SIN, You’ll Never Come Out The Way You Went In!

Thank you so much for stopping by. Our readers are sure to look into the Poison Apple

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  1. Fantastic interview, my Brother and Sister! It was very good to see the fruit of your collective mind dialogue and I was very inspired by the material presented! Thanks again for doing this; I don’t think anyone who reads will be able to help being inspired!

  2. I really enjoyed this interview. Poisin Apple sounds like heaven 🙂

  3. Very cool. I enjoyed reading Warlock Asylum’s interview of the Cthulhu Cult’s brightest star!

    When writing anything for the Cult of Cthulhu, I try to consider my audience. In most cases, I divide readers into three categories. The first division is “novice”, comprising the many who don’t know much about me or what I’m yammering about. The second is “initiated”, those individuals who have taken the time to understand our paradigm. The third division is made up of a select few who challenge me as much as I challenge myself – Cultists who have seen it all and done it all. They are my toughest critics and the ones I want to influence the most. Cora’Sahn (Sin Jones) is in that last category.



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      Thanks for that update and understanding.

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