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6 thoughts on “Aesir and Vanir: The Asuras in Germany and Scandanavia

  1. Jyotishmoy says:

    Apart from DinGirs, Viking Gods were always colorful and resonating for me. Although I am Asian,they are always quick to respond, in my requests and some times in my possible future danger; they just aggressively reach-out to me to forewarn me, by themselves without my asking.

  2. whelliston says:

    I have the same experience, JYOTISHMOY, but I’m also a native from Scandinavia so no wonder. It’s a positive suprise to read about my own heritage here *thumbs up*

  3. Great post optymistic! I am currently teaching a student of Viking descent. 🙂

  4. Jyotishmoy says:

    Hi, WHELLISTON, it is nice to see some from Scandinavia, the Land of Goddess Scadi. If you don’t I would like to correspond with you about Norse Mythology, I think there are lots of Gems in the Hamaval, along with Older and Younger Edda, can I get your mail address in this regard.

  5. Beautiful. Norse mythology resonatrs with so many.

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