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Making Stricter Gun Control Laws is NOT The Answer

Making stricter gun control laws is not going to curb random acts of violence in a country where the average 16 year-old has seen over 200,000 televised murders, half of which  are enacted in the same manner as how people died in the holocaust.

The real assault weapons are the emotions of violence that are broadcasted on television day after day. Watching television is a form of meditation. If you really want to see less tragic acts of violence in America, see what happens when people start boycotting network stations that televised random acts of violence as part of their programming and watch how quickly things will change.

I can’t understand how people can ask “why?” while a major part of the population enjoys watching people getting murdered on television as a form of entertainment. The only people who want to see change are those who refuse to view the destruction of human life as a form of entertainment. This whole thing about making tougher gun laws is just a distraction to the real issue at hand. It really has nothing to with a solution, though it may be a tool used in the crime; it is not the crime itself. The IRA is a willing scapegoat. Debates over such will always be used by the media to disarm people. Times are changing, really? Discussion about tougher gun laws should have been taken care of when JFK was assassinated, later John Lennon.  If you have a political agenda that you need to accomplish, you start getting the American people emotional over some tragedy and you will see that things will change but not towards the development of peace and the evolution of man.

I feel sorry for all the people who buy into the media’s shortcut solution and never get to the root of the problem.  You mean to tell me you can entertain Americans with PG and R rated “fictional snuff” films and no one can see that the desire to kill people is created with what we entertain our minds with not the tools that do the job. I feel sorry for you.

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