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It was my last night in the Dream of the Ayaqox. During my seven days spent in the dream, I made no desirous contact and was consistent in purification practices, meditating in parks and near rivers in my area. After the Opening of The Sea Ceremony, the Soul Of Fire Prayer, and the Calling the Guardian Shamuzi, I recited the Lustful Words of the Ayaqox. Afterwards, I sensed a presence in my ritual space and with great respect asked the Ayaqox to grant me the Stone Bowl of Eternity. My verification and answer to my request came shortly after I fell asleep. The following is what I wrote in my journal:

“First, I could feel the Ayaqox with me by my bedside, detecting the subtleties of Astral Forms around me. Then as the imagery came; I was on the edge of a beautiful city in the mountains deep in meditation. Below me was a large valley, I could see it’s depth and blackness clearly. I felt fear and excitement. The sun was shining brightly in the skies in the horizon, as if touching the valley. It was a stark contrast of darkness and light. I could feel waves of ecstasy travel through my body as if being Transformed. I woke up this morning feeling completely refreshed.”

I interpreted the dream symbolism as a sign that I did in fact receive the Stone Bowl of Eternity. The Stone Bowl of Eternity symbolism is based on The Law of The Ayaqox mythology appearing in the Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan. This myth is also addressed in detail in a previous post by Warlock Asylum. The Stone Bowl of Eternity represents the union of the two poles of the mind.

In The Law of The Ayaqox, the untrained subconscious mind is depicted as a bowl facing down. Then, Ama-no-Uzeme-no-Mikoto (the Ayaqox), in a rite to get Amaterasu-Omikami out of a dark cave, turns the bowl right-side up, kindling a flame representing the super-conscious mind, and placing it therein.

Attaining the Stone Bowl is the transmission of a lesson that allows practitioners to better manifest their will into reality. With the attainment of the Stone Bowl of Eternity comes the ability to restructure your day-to-day consciousness by reprogramming daily tasks in more spiritually effective ways. Manifestations of the universal mind can now be seen more readily, and the emotional energy that permeates throughout our environment and the world of nature. The concept of a tree being a kami is more easy to understand on an intuitive level. My experience in the Dream of the Ayaqox helped me understand behavioral patterns and self-imposed limitations that I collected subconsciously over the years. 

The results I have gained from using the Ivory Tablets of the Crow have been genuine. I’ve made a regular practice of keeping a record of my experiences, so that I can recall my own scriptures and share them with other practitioners. There has been consistent and objective evidence gathered by comparing notes between each other.  I have validated several phenomena thus far through personal experience. Mere words are never enough to describe our personal experiences, in the Art of Ninzuwu action is necessary. Ninzuwu mythology is a great tool that helps the practitioner gain an understanding of the initiatory process on a deeper emotional level. Thank you for reading and have a great evening.

“The purpose of the work is not to find God, but to become him”

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  1. Warlock Asylum says:

    Excellent post! I look forward to hearing more of you insights!

  2. catherinestelle says:

    Thank you Warlock Asylum! I appreciate the feedback very much.

  3. Necronomicus says:

    Very good experience. Thank you for sharing.

    1. catherinestelle says:

      Necronomicus, thank you for reading, and you are most welcome.

  4. Excellent work, CatherineStelle! That is a most profound experience. I look forward to hearing more of your experiences in the future. Many blessings!

    1. catherinestelle says:

      Thank you for reading DOCTORNIXX. It is appreciated!

  5. Beautiful CatherineEstelle, I enjoyed reading it very much.

    1. catherinestelle says:

      Thank you for very much for taking the time to read this and for the kind words Ankhara.

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