Originally from Sweden, DJ and producer METTA takes the rhythm to the edge once again with his new single titled Shams. METTA started his career back in 2006 in the Swedish club scene as a DJ, though his love and passion for music extend back into his early youth. Since this time, METTA’s career has blossomed and gone to include such accomplishments as appearing at events such as HedKandi, NRJ Festivals and Ministry of Sound and opened  for worldwide artists such as Avicii, Kaskade, and others.

METTA’s new single Shams is a soulful groove with a brisk organic sound that is captivating for the dance floor and one’s listening pleasure. The track falls under the category of EDM and Future House music genres. Shams also incorporates elements of RnB and Funk into its musical landscape. The thriving bassline keeps us into a hypnotic zone of dancefloor ambiance. METTA has put together a masterpiece for music enthusiasts and purists of the genre. Shams by METTA is a melodic experience that calls for good times.


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