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Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and have quite a few dynamic conversations with Kiu Takabe. I have found our exchange very useful in my development and it has provided a means to validate some of the mystical practices associated with the Art of Ninzuwu. I am sure you will enjoy the following interview.

Kiu Takabe: IAPCH Certified Conversational Clinical Hypnotist..NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist..ICPCH Certified Life Coach & Humanistic NLP Practitioner
Kiu Takabe: IAPCH Certified Conversational Clinical Hypnotist..NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist..ICPCH Certified Life Coach & Humanistic NLP Practitioner

Warlock Asylum: It is definitely a privilege to able to have this opportunity to hear some of your insights and experiences. However, for those who are unfamiliar with the work of Kiu Takabe, how would you describe yourself?

Kiu Takabe: I don’t consider myself a therapist nor a healer. I am just a normal person who has gone through some difficult times as a child and as an adult, just like everybody else, which, I believe, made me who I am today. I believe everything happens for a reason. Although I may not have or could not have known it when I was in the midst of those difficult moments, I now know that I needed to go through them to get to where I am now.

Warlock Asylum: What inspired you to pursue a career in hypnotherapy and life coaching?

Kiu Takabe: Based on what I have gone through in life, I came to understand people’s pain, sadness and difficulties, more or less with my heart, rather than in my head. Sometimes, I can really feel their emotions, as if I were them. I know what pain is and that triggers me to want to help people. More importantly, help people feel better and understand that pain is an experience that you will someday come to realize you needed to go through no matter how hard at the moment.

I chose to become a hypnotist and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) based Life-coach, because I know these methods deal directly with your subconscious, rather than your conscious mind. They say that more than 90% of you (including your feelings and emotions, behavior, habits, and even physical sickness) are automatically and unconsciously controlled by your subconscious. You can only control less than 10% of your experience using your conscious mind. In other words, thinking, knowing, and understanding in your conscious mind hardly helps you to “feel” better. “Then, what’s the use of understanding and making logical explanations in my head if I can’t change my negative feelings?” That was the question that helped me decide to become a hypnotist and an NLP-Life Coach. I can now help people to have an access to their subconscious mind and change the feelings as they wish.

Warlock Asylum: It’s beautiful to see someone making a positive contribution to life and society overall. Were there any challenges that you faced in pursuit of your career and what did you learn from those challenges?

Kiu Takabe: It was certainly a challenge to help people understand the differences between the conscious mind and the subconscious. People are so used to thinking and trying to solve problems consciously in their head. I have never met a single person who has succeeded in feeling better and being happy by just understanding logic. That’s all because it is happening in their head and unfortunately not in their heart. Today, it still is a challenge for me to help people understand that “what seems so difficult” is only in your conscious mind. You “think” it’s difficult, but changing your feelings in a positive way is not so difficult once you are capable to access the subconscious mind that is controlling more than 90% of you!

Warlock Asylum: Many people associate the term hypnosis with someone snapping their fingers and a person following their every command. This of course is a form of entertainment, but can you explain to us a little bit about what a hypnotherapist actually does?

Kiu Takabe: I will answer this question by copying a paragraph from my own website. “Hypnosis is a therapeutic technique in which a trained professional makes suggestions to individuals who have undergone a process designed to relax and focus the mind. Although hypnosis has been controversial in the past, most clinicians now agree it can be used to treat a number of conditions including pain, anxiety and mood disorders. Hypnosis is also effective in enabling people to lose weight and stop smoking. A lot of people are familiar with stage hypnosis seen in the media, which is very different from clinical hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is used to help people with real mental and overall health issues such as depression, OCD and gastrointestinal problems. The proven effectiveness of hypnosis has enabled professionals to use it regularly for treatment of illnesses and recovery from trauma.”

Warlock Asylum: How has your life’s work affected your personal relationships? Is it easier to troubleshoot problems that you may have with friends and family members from the insights you have gained from your work?

Kiu Takabe: I have learned so much about myself from all the sessions that I’ve had with my clients. When a client experiences a positive change and shift, I feel myself shifting together with the client. I certainly believe that people you encounter in life are your own mirrors, and what you see in them is what you are. As I’m working on their issues, I must work through my own issues unconsciously. After experiencing this wonderful process, I feel so much better for who I am today. This work has transformed me and that certainly has affected people in my life. I intend to keep working on my issues by working together with my clients.

Warlock Asylum: Are there any principles found in ancient Japanese mythology, which you have embraced in your work?

Kiu Takabe: Hypnosis to me is all about rousing your-unknown-self in the subconscious mind and pulling out the unlimited power that you already have within yourself. As I stated earlier, they say that we are only using about 10% of our “brain”, while the rest (90%) is still asleep within ourselves, which I believe is a reference to the “subconscious mind”. Just imagine if we are able to multiply our mental capability by 9 times more than what we are already using today. It is unimaginable what we’ll be able to do and how the world would be. And whenever I talk about “awaking from subconscious”, it somehow always reminds me of the story of “Amaterasu Omikami.” In Japanese mythology, the Goddess of the Sun hides in a cave behind a thick, heavy rock door as the sun disappears and the whole world becomes completely dark and cold. However, when she comes out from the cave with the line of light and shines again is when the country of Japan begins. There are so many more details and depths to this story, but I associate the parable with people’s conscious/subconscious mind. Maybe the cave symbolizes “subconscious mind” and its ability to shed light on our unseen motives and causes of our experiences. Speaking of which, the myth says that Amaterasu was born when Izanagi was purifying his left eye with water. In psychology, people’s left side of the brain controls more logical, analytical, and objective “thinking” in conscious level. Tsukuyomi, the moon-god, was born from Izanagi-no-Mikoto’s washing of right eye is still very much unknown just like our subconscious mind, the right brain. 

Warlock Asylum: I hear that you are working on a new book. Will this be your first adventure as a writer and what can we expect from your new work?

Kiu Takabe: It is not my “new” book as this will be my first try to complete a book. However, it is certainly a new adventure in my life. I am writing this book because there are so many beautiful and touching untold stories. I think people can benefit so much from them. My book is not about educating people or understanding problems, but it is about feeling. I would like for people to feel, see, hear, smell, and taste from what they read in my stories with their right brain, rather than their left. It is not an educational work. It would be wonderful, however, if people can have a clearer idea and understand what hypnosis is really about. It has nothing to do with snapping one’s fingers and losing consciousness.

 Warlock Asylum: Over the past few months, I have found our exchange very enlightening and really helpful in dealing with day-to-day issues. I recommend your work as a hypnotherapist to all. It really helped me build up my self-confidence and in some ways make me a more virtuous person. I would like to ask, however, how was your experience with the Art of Ninzuwu’s Amenonuhoko Healing Method? What was your experience like during these healing sessions?

Kiu Takabe: Unlike hypnosis, The Art of Ninzuwu’s Amenonuhoko healing work did not involve words or conversational exchange during the session. I was a bit skeptic at the beginning and did not expect much of effect or benefit from it. However, once the session started, I felt something totally different from what I would expect from a hypnosis session. It was not about conscious/subconscious level of mind shift, but it was more like the energy purification within myself. I was “seeing” some sort of colors and images during the session and I even felt a warm energy flow in my body. It certainly was nothing I have experienced before. Initially I had a knee problem due to having played sports for a long time. The pain in my knee prevented me from actively playing as much as I used to. However, after experiencing an Amenonuhoko Healing session I no longer had the knee problem that I suffered from for such a long time. I was very surprised to notice that I did not feel a bit of the pain in my knee! after playing sports again. It has been several months since I had the session and even today I do not feel anymore pain at all. In fact, I am playing sports like I did before the injury occurred. All thanks to the wonderful and amazing Art of Ninzuwu’s Amenonuhoko Healing session.

Warlock Asylum: What can we expect to hear from Takabe-san in the future? Are you working on any new projects?

Kiu Takabe:  Not so much on a new project at the moment as I am focusing on completing my first book. However, I would be happy to keep everyone posted and share my future projects as the time comes.

Warlock Asylum: Are there any spiritual connections that you have found between your work as a hypnotherapist and let’s say some of the scientific aspects of the occult?

Kiu Takabe: In fact, there are quite a few things that happen during and after hypnosis sessions which I cannot possibly scientifically explain how or why. Sometimes I ask clients to visualize themselves in future, freely as they wish, and when they do see the image of themselves that has achieved their goals and dreams in future. I ask them to step into the bodies of their future-selves. For the first time they experience the feelings of what it’s like to become the person you always wished to be and live the life that you always dreamed of. This is not about just imagining or fantasizing your dream-self, but “experiencing” your future-self in advance. Then, it seems like something happens, not just within themselves, but maybe something bigger and more powerful on a spiritual level that’s outside their control. Afterwards, the images they saw and experienced during the session really came true for them in reality. It is as if you “wrote” your own future during the session. Things that you wished to own, job that you wanted to get, relationships that you dreamed to be in, etc, etc. All the things that you experienced during the hypnosis session are presented to you in reality, with or without you trying. There was a client who became singer just a year after a session. There was a client who owned her own company just within several months after the session. Again, there was a client who received a marriage proposal from a guy whom she loved for many years, which happened just several weeks after she took her hypnosis session. I have witnessed my clients experiences countless times. Now I truly believe something more powerful is working in the universe and you can make things happen in whatever positive way you wish in the reality. I think that communicating with your own “subconscious mind” is the key to make it possible for you to communicate with the energy of the universe…

Warlock Asylum: Thank you so much for sharing your experience and wisdom with our readers. What final thoughts would you like to share?

Kiu Takabe: Thank you very much for the wonderful opportunity to participate in this fun and great project. It is an honor for me to be able to share my experiences and thoughts with people. I do believe that “things happen for reasons”… and there is no such thing as coincidence. With that being said, I believe that whoever is reading this now is meant to read this. I hope this was beneficial in some way for you. Thank you again.

*Takabe-san, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation for all your time and effort. You have definitely left us with some things to think about. Many blessings to you! For all our readers who would like to experience the work of Takabe-san, we suggest you visit his website by clicking on the following link:


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