Why did The Hood reject the idea of A Million Women's March?

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Why did The Hood reject the idea of A Million Women's March?
Why did The Hood reject the idea of A Million Women’s March?

A Million Woman March?!!!! How is that going to work when every time you see a man of color, who is oppressed by the same system that you are protesting against, you grab your purse out of fear?  You mean to tell me that despite the fact that the Women’s Rights Movement has been alive and active for over a century, not once has a memorandum been sent out calling for all women to stop using the purse-grabbing-curse at the sight of oppressed men, and to start using it at the sight of society’s oppressors. If we were to look upon such actions as affirmations, then it seems that the use of the purse-grabbing-curse sets the tone for the genocide that follows it.

Forget about the cat-calling video tapes, we want to see a reversal of the purse-grabbing-curse among women, who feel that they have been wronged by a male-dominated society, yet imitates its actions. Sorry Hillary Clinton didn’t become our first female president, but you women have a part to play in it too! Instead of grabbing your purse at the sight of an oppressor, you feel so empowered to do so at the sight of a man, and sometimes a woman, that this same male-dominated society oppresses. Who are you really working for?!!!  This is why many of the seniors in the urban community know that the Woman’s Rights Movement is not a movement for woman of color, women who are the mothers of the same men that you carefully use your purse-grabbing-curse against.

Perhaps, the idea of A Million Women’s March might be Snoop Dogg‘s wetdream, depending on if you are purposely grabbing your purse at the sight of an oppressed man in hopes of sleeping with the oppressor. Who are you working for really?!! Huh?!! Half of you women would never grab your purse at the sight of Donald Trump because you’re so hot and bothered, literally, at the sight of him. Trust me, he’s got enough money to keep your purse-grabbing-curse wet.

Go ahead! Shake your buttocks in front of the White House! Go ahead and scream the foul language of retribution because of a male-dominated society! At the end of the day, you’ll leave the protest feeling high. Afterwards, you’ll begin the new day using the purse-grabbing-curse against the same people who this same male-dominated society oppresses. Thank you once again Mrs. Million Women’s March for all your kindness. The Hood rejects you!!

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