Enter the Realm of Taliah Bassaraba.

Wafubeh! Welcome to Warlock Asylum International News. Today, we are blessed to have a fellow carftswoman of the path share her wisdom and insights. We have been in correspondence for over a year and finally got a chance to sit down and discuss what is real. I think you will enjoy listening in.

Enter the Realm of Taliah Bassaraba.

Warlock Asylum: It’s really an honor to have you as a guest on the news page. You are definitely a woman of many talents. For those who may not be familiar with your being, please introduce yourself. Who is Taliah Bassaraba?

Taliah Bassaraba: Taliah is an illusion; it’s a code that wraps darkness manifested. It is but an assemblage point, as the old shaman Don Juan would say. There are others, because a true dreamer always shifts his/her A.P., but this specific one crystalizes in the perceivable universe, The Queen of Chaos, the Dark Creatrix, our Mother Tiamat. She created the Dark Courts of Chaos who are an offshoot of the mystical Dragon Courts. They, in turn, are cosmic forces manifested here on this plane for everyone to benefit.

Taliah likes to disperse the black light, the true essence of chaos, who is a refreshing, healing, and loving but stern force. The mother always loves her children and keeps them safe, trying at the same time to feed them with the inexhaustible force of severity, Gevurah, the one who brings discipline and gnosis in their lives. A counterbalance of Chesed, if you like, the compassion force of the all masculine. As the queen of terror she is the punisher of the wicked and the protector of the ones who live the illusion of being helpless. Bringing to fruition the understanding that no one is a victim and transforming her children into warriors is Taliah’s intent. As the dance between loving compassion and severity manifests in their lives, the mystic rose of Binah flowers, filling their universe with beauty, who, I believe is the true face of the divine.

Warlock Asylum: It seems that you have a strong affinity with the Tree of Life. How would you describe your path spiritually and the aim of your work overall?

Taliah Bassaraba: I can honestly say that I am a mystic. My path was frightening and marvelous in the same time. Being a Jerusalem girl, I was exposed both to Kabbalah and Sufism in the same time, but my first contact with the wonders of the other worlds happened through some absolutely fantastic Christian orthodox monks that I’ve been blessed to meet, after frantic searches. I can say that I saw billocation, telepathy, spontaneous healings, exorcisms, appearances and disappearing of spirits at their command, like it was nothing. The godfather of my son used to float in the air when he was praying, and time travel at times, being also an extremely humble and low profile person. I’ve been blessed with absolutely unbelievable spiritual masters that are still with me in spirit, even if they are dead now. Because of this, I could never imagine my life as being normal again and I searched the world for mystics and genuine miracle workers.

I believe we are living in a world full of miracles, and we all can and should activate that magical being that sleeps inside us. I’ve been touched by black magic pretty bad also, so when I decided that enough is enough I dreamt repeatedly that I have to go to Morocco. I knew no one there, but I decided to travel there and trust myself.  And the moment I stepped into the city, where a friend had an empty house he offered, a taxi stopped in front me and there he was the person that would become my first Arabian magic teacher. I lived in Morocco for a year and that person, who saw me in his dreams too, showed me a world where we would eat and party with jinns.

I’ve been protected let’s say by a formidable woman since I was sixteen. My Chinese teacher, who was like a mother to me, passed on to me the qi gong teachings of her family that is a rare form of practice. I laugh when I hear people from the magickal community saying that the Necronomicon is a fake book invented by Lovecraft. Unlike them, I didn’t start by reading it online. When I was living in Casablanca, my teacher took me to a library. It was a small little white-washed thing filled with school notebooks and crayons, but the owner opened a door in the back of the building and, lo, the real library was there. That huge room of wonders was filled with magickal Arabic manuscripts and my teacher asked the owner for Al Azif, who, it turns out is one of the manuals of the Moroccan sorcery tradition. I remember it was a small book handwritten in red ink and this is how my first exposure to this ancient tradition happened. It was like everything fell into place at once. So when I found the Necronomicon online few years later, and I must add there are many variants of it online, and not all of them are genuine, I felt at home. That’s why I think your work is so important, because you create a bridge from the original tradition to the modern-day, while encouraging people to experience it. This tradition is alive and uninterrupted since thousands of years in the Arabian deserts and all true sorcerers live by it. To conclude and answer your question, I think of myself as a mystic trying to unveil the wonders of the worlds where we can reach and sincerely try to empower people into believing in the force that creates and unites us all, which is the intent of the universe.

Warlock Asylum: What obstacles did you have to overcome to be the sage woman you are today? How does your family feel about your spiritual practices and work?

Taliah Bassaraba: According to the toltec shamanic tradition, we are encouraged to erase our personal history as a mean to become lighter and to recuperate our energy stuck in traumatic events. Our parents, teachers, friends try to fix us in a frame, make us mold to the powers of this world. By recapitulating our interactions with them and erasing our personal history, we can become what we are meant to be bright magickal beings, born to unravel the mysteries of the universe. To honour your readers however, I will answer without giving too much details. The worst that you can imagine happened to me by the hands of my family when I was a child. I’ve been very fortunate to have my grandmother, who was a shield and lived to protect and teach me. Those abuses left scars that I could only heal later.

Feeling hopeless, I tried many times to kill myself, but every time I was saved. Today, I realize that it was so I can be a witness to the fact that even if you are in the depths of hell, with no hope of ever going out, you are not alone. Change the paradigm and become the warrior you are meant to be. Do not expect salvation from outside sources, but use the blessings you have-your bloodline. Call on your ancestors, send your luminous fibers to our mother Tiamat, dead but dreaming, this wonderful earth. Call upon the protectors that surround you and make room for them by leaving in hell the pain and hurt. Be a conqueror of death and rise anew with new power and understanding. And most of all do not kill yourself. Use the same ruse as the archons use every day when we want to do something and the blabbering mind tells us – tomorrow. Take it easy day by day and know that many buddhas and bodhisattvas suffered unimaginable pains, just to be able to come to earth and help you. Call them, because they are written in your heart. That was their vow. On a lighter note, I don’t consider myself a sage, but I do have the wisdom to know that making fun of yourself and losing one’s self-importance are our most important powers.

Warlock Asylum: Interesting. What does all of this mean for your personal relationships then? How do you find romance?

Taliah Bassaraba: Ha! Ha! Good one!  I believe sexual energy is the most important thing we have. It is our exchange currency. It puts us in a position of power even opposite gods. It can make us formidable dreamers. Dreaming is after all what creates worlds and it can facilitate our connection with Intent, the divine energy. Because of this, I really treasure my sexual energy and put it to use with or without a “romantic” partner. I am a true practitioner of tantra, not in the edulcorated “new age” style, but the hardcore Aghori style. I believe a couple, if they set their minds to it, attune their bodies and work their spiritual forces, can shatter universes. But you must really, really, know what/how to do it. Otherwise, there are dire karmic consequences. About personal relationships, I struggled many years to find the meanings of detachment, being free, cultivating emptiness, and energy by disentangling yourself from the world, and made a lot of mistakes. What I found is the blinding truth of love and sacrifice. This, in my opinion, is true heroism. There is nothing is more important than abandoning yourself to love, whilst detaching yourself from the process and outcome. While we may not have formulas for success, we can bring beauty and compassion to this world, by setting a personal example.

Warlock Asylum: You speak very wisely. Have you ever thought about teaching? What is the aim of the lifestyle you lead?

Taliah Bassaraba: There is so much evil in the world that I can’t change. See the terrorist attack in Manchester? That affected me a lot, due to the fact that children were targeted. I feel hopeless at times. So the only thing I can do is pass the knowledge that I accumulated to those that are willing to listen, practice, and live by traditions that were verified over hundreds of years. Being a link in a golden chain of tradition is very important and that’s why teaching and being there for my students is very important to me.

Some years ago, I founded GHOAM-Gnostic House of Arya Mata, which initially was meant to teach only women.  Mainly because I find they are so disempowered, and worst, many of them don’t know it and propagate the patterns that lead to a lack of power. In time male students emerged and I adjusted. I still have that old understanding of a teacher being the old master. While he/she would test their students and they would try him, the teacher would still be there as a rock in their lives, a parent and a miracle-worker.

In general, I find female teachers are very soft in our generation, so I was quite elated when I read the interviews on your website that promoted some wonderful female warriors. Again, I made a lot of mistakes, but I reached the stage where I try with sincerity to do my best and pass on the transmission, meaning my students will never be left alone and benefit from the protectors of the lines/traditions I passed on. I had a discussion some time ago with a dear friend of mine, who is a very advanced spiritual practitioner, one of the few whose advice I respect, and he pointed me to the understanding that students would get attached to their masters if they are too involved in their lives. I totally agree and being the stern, severe teacher I am, I hope to achieve a balance. But my severity comes from manifesting Gevurah. Tt is a divine mask I wear. Truly, I believe in my heart that a little TLC from time to time didn’t kill anyone and I know my students feel it. To finally answer your question, the aim of my lifestyle is to become free- free of the flyer mind that controls the humans, free of my own shortcomings and limitations, a free traveler in this universe filled with wonders, that can -if she so choses it-to come back and honour her bodhisattva vows.

Taliah Bassaraba teaches at the Gnostic House of Arya Mata.

Warlock Asylum: Great! Is the Gnostic House of Arya Mata open for new members? If so, how does one join?

Taliah Bassaraba: The new teaching year will start in September, and everybody is welcome. I decided to let the Spirit chose the students for me. However, all prospective students should know that I demand discipline, dedication and loyalty, on nothing less than a Yakuza level.

There is a core dedicated only to women- valkyries, exorcists and seers, but there is plenty of room for male students as well. This won’t be an easy training, and certainly not for the faint of heart. Those who want to join, or simply to ask more questions, feel free to send me a message here: https://www.facebook.com/blackcourts/

Warlock Asylum: What would say is one of the lessons that you have learned in cultivation of yourself?

Taliah Bassaraba: Nothing is lost. Everything adds up. The more advanced you are, the worst you fall. Without discipline there is no spiritual life, nor energy. Always make fun of yourself Never give up!

Warlock Asylum: What are your thoughts about the Art of Ninzuwu and the Necronomicon-related gnosis?

Taliah Bassaraba: The Art of Ninzuwu is unique because it is destined to preserve the jinn-human culture. Even though we live daily with jinns in the Middle East, this is not a mainstream knowledge or culture. The mixed marriages and the amazing babies born from these unions are a secret well-kept. During the ages, for example on the territory of my birth country, mixed race children were very well-known, and if not hidden, they were shunned, considered a work of the devil. That’s why they preferred to live secluded, away from the communities. However, during hard times like sicknesses, draughts, floods, invasions, they were searched and begged to intervene. Their magickal status was well-known, and all due respect was given to them.

There is much more to say, but to link it to the Art of Ninzuwu, this knowledge is needed today. That’s why your work is amazing. It is not only serving this unique culture, but it gives tools to anyone who is able to work with them, to break the veils between this world and the others, and to live peacefully with our cousins, the jinns/inorganic beings. There are wars, diseases, curses, death, and accidents that happen to human beings just because they broke, willingly or unwillingly taboos related to jinns. The Art of Ninzuwu gives people a map so they don’t walk blindly into some uncharted spiritual territories. This is a great tool for development and evolution.

The Necronomicon related gnosis is definitely not for everyone, not for the faint of heart. It is not for those who solely search for power  because the mother of chaos IS also love, motherly love, so every practitioner needs a balance. The most difficult thing to reach by a dragon magickal child is balance because through his/her DNA flows so much raw power that it often leads to developing diseases, insanity, or even death. This untamed energy spills outside in the surrounding world and calls for accidents, unexpected turns of events, it blows away their lovers and their friends, making the mixed race child to be in the middle of a huge energy vortex that constantly drives him/her crazy. That’s why I repeat again and again-we need discipline, without it we are but drift wood in the middle of the dark sea of awareness. All genuine gnosis is a must for the sincere seeker, because it is the golden compass that helps us reach the shores we aim for.

Warlock Asylum: It seems that you have done quite a bit of traveling of late, how has this experience been for you?

Taliah Bassaraba: For shamans, traveling is a spiritual activity; it is the moving of the assemblage point, the change of paradigm, the perception of new worlds. It’s an activity that replenishes the energy and opens new universes filled with possibilities. That’s why I travel a lot and feel claustrophobic if I don’t. A few years ago I was flying on a plane and I had this amazing realization. I felt in my body that actually, I am not moving at all. I am suspended in an infinite universe, me and myself mirrored in different forms, creations, as a spark of the original energy. I am immovable and yet within me creation takes place. Everything is me and the illusion of movement is just a projection of my mind. It was fantastic and a very powerful reminder that we are all one. So as quantum physics teaches us, that an electron moves only when it’s observed. I had this perception that everything that surrounds me is pure energy and space and time are results of individual perception. On a more mundane level, my travels are always linked to dreams, so I usually have a strong feeling or a dream about a place that I must see. I follow it. About a month ago, I visited Istanbul and I met the most amazing, generous, humble, and full of light Sufi masters. Their kindness still surrounds me and I encourage everyone to listen to their own intuition and travel because any travel that has the Intent of meeting fellow travelers on a magickal road will be met with success.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to someone, who is trying to find their way spiritually, as in looking for a path?

Taliah Bassaraba: I believe we are all different. What works for me, might not work for you. Experiment with all cultures and religions you feel attracted to and ask questions. Never follow anything blindly. Trust your intuition. See what your spirit reacts to, what makes you better, what pushes you out of your boundaries and what challenges you, giving you the possibility to become the magickal being you are born to be. Find out what works for you and then stick to its discipline and don’t fall into your old patterns again. And if you do, clean up the mess and start anew. You are never alone. A very important aspect is to surround yourself with like-minded people and give up all the toxic relationships or the friends who don’t believe in you and criticize your divinely inspired choices. Do not be a book wizard, but dedicate your life and energy to experience and feel the practices/path you are interested in. As Rabbi Nachman says, “Gevalt, never give up!”

Warlock Asylum: What message would you like to send to practitioners of the Art of Ninzuwu? Any final thoughts?

Taliah Bassaraba: You are pioneers of a new era, so continue to be brave. And never give in to power fights or self-aggrandizing scenarios. The huge amount of power that can be obtained through this practice can also engulf you, so keep grounded. In order to become a vessel of knowledge, one must first empty himself/herself, so become emptiness. Thank you for having me here and stay always the beacon you are.

Thanks so much Talaih for taking the time to answer a few questions! We wish you all the best on your path and other endeavors. Please don’t be a stranger and keep us posted about your organization’s progress. Blessing to you and yours.

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