Maybe you’re a little bit like me. I stopped watching television quite some time ago. And why should I change? Everything on the screen looks like a Fear Factor album cover. After witnessing the rise of reality TV, I thought long and hard about switching careers and becoming an undertaker for network television. Yes, the idiot box and I are no longer friends.


There are times, however, where I do miss the dream of letting some director guide my imagination, which is quite a difficult thing for anyone who has studied Meisner.  Now that the morning “let’s all talk about the weather for fifteen minutes on an elevator ride, while drinking cup of coffee” is over, you would not believe what happened last week!! I met Ashley Bornancin on Twitter!! Who is Ashley Bornancin?

Okay, real talk, Ashley Bornancin, AKA AshleyBinspired, is this beautiful, multi-talented, Jerry Seinfeld kind of girl! You can even add an extra star if your emotional applause is coming from the trendy Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She’s making her way in the world of acting and writing. I learned about Bornancin’s work through a recent posting on Twitter that provided a link to her mini-series, co-created with Don DiPetta, called We’re NOT Friends.

Wow! After watching the first episode, then the second, and finally the third, I must admit that Ashley Bornancin has the skills to turn any critic into a promoter. We’re NOT Friends is a breath of fresh air. It’s very well produced and the plots are simple, but witty. In all honesty, We’re NOT Friends is testimony that both Bornancin and DiPetta are taking their work seriously and going somewhere in life. It’s an intelligent move! Although Bornancin describes her style as “off-beat,” I think her rhythm may be more of what would be the first global comedian. Of course such a tile can only be claimed when with the balancing factor of the suave Don DiPetta.

A lot of comedy nowadays is based on stereotypes, a typical us versus them attitude, whether its gender, nationality, race, and etc. Bornancin and DiPetta, in looking beyond such issues, respond to the human need. There is a difference. This can get global. Personally, I think America needs an AshleyBinspired Movement as its next trendsetter.

We’re NOT Friends follows a very simple formula. The plot centers around an ex-minor league baseball player and an aspiring news reporter becoming roommates. The production’s theme gives Bornancin and DiPetta room to create situations revolving around anything from politics to sex. The acting is better than whats on the market for syndication. Without giving too much of the goodies about the storyline away, my only advice for Bornancin and DiPetta would be to provide some merchandise, hats, t-shirts, and etc, for the series. We’re NOT Friends is not only worth checking out, it’s worth going viral! On a scale from one to five, We’re NOT Friends gets 5 stars!

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