Many of our regular readers may have seen the name Magick La Croix a.k.a. George Mattison active on our site and in participating in the commenting on some of the articles. we appreciate all his support over the years. I had the honor of conducting an interview with the magical genius on the Art of Ninzuwu blog. It was entitled, Interview With The Legendary Magick La Croix.

Magick La Croix a.k.a. George Mattison is a well-versed spiritualist in his own right. He has his own student body and holds membership in a few online occult groups and one exclusive private organization, centered on the self-cultivation through the hidden gates of the shadow. He is one of the few brothers who has completed the initiatory journey of the Simon Necronomicon to its fullest written extent. It is due to such diligence in effort that I am happy to confer the title, Mad Arab upon one of our newest brethren. Congratulations!

5 thoughts on “Congratulations To Magick La Croix On His Initiation As Necronommicon Adept!

  1. Magick La Croix says:

    I am truly honored brother!!!

  2. The Dark Lord says:

    Congrats 💯💯💯💯💯

  3. Congrats brother! An amazing achievement!

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